Friday, October 22, 2010

Harness It and Don't Let Go!

I believe everyone needs a way to decompress from reality.  Watching my daughter, Lauren, creating her fairy and princess sketches and writing her mythical "Wonderland-esque" stories reminded me  As a child, I harnest my artistic spirit just as I see my daughter doing.  Life was all about writing, creating, sketching, painting.  Before my beautiful children were born,  before my career, I would find myself "lost in the arts" when I would journal, write, sketch, and paint.
Career, marriage, growing family, daily life, daily routines, daily reviews, began to build upon eachother.  I tucked  my journal into a drawer and put my canvases, paints, and brushes into storage and haven't revisted them in a number of years.  

I remember in my youth, hearing a phrase that my gifts will be lost if I don't use them.  Yes, some can be forgotten if not practiced.  But once you harness a specific gift can't  it  remain dormant within you until the energies can not be contained any longer.  I find myself bursting at the seems lately with the desire and passion to write, create, sketch, journal, and paint creatively.  

Which leads me to first blog.  A place where I can go and express creatively. A place I can go to step out of the box, out of reality.  A place where I can take ink and inspiration, pair them, and transform them into a short story, a screenplay, an editorial, a sketch, or a painting.  I  do not know what will be created or when. I do not  know how my inspirations will reveal themselves.  It will be interesting to see how everything plays out now that  my metaphorical volcano is no longer dormant and I can burst at the seems creatively!