Sunday, August 14, 2011

"How is the book coming along?" Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines

Many of my friends and followers have been asking, "So how is the book coming along?"
About 3 weeks ago, I sat down and looked at the grand picture of this question.  I needed to have some tangible structure; a goal; a deadline.  
So, I have planned out the deadlines for drafts 1 through 4 for the first novel of this series to be complete and ready to promote in its entirety by Thanksgiving 2011 (exactly 1 year since I started writing the first book).  Book 2's drafts and final copy will be complete by January 1 2012 and I will begin promoting Book 1 and Book 2 as a package, and Book 3's drafts and final copy will be complete by mid April 2012. Promotion of all 3 books of the series will begin in March of 2012.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Novel No.1: FINALLY have the series title and book #1 title!

I did not tread lightly when giving the first book its title. Similarly, I did not tread lightly when giving the series its title.
Finally, here it is.

Cruxes is the name of the series.
The first novel in the series, Piercing The Fold.



[kruhks]  Show IPA
–noun, plural crux·es, cru·ces [kroo-seez]  Show IPA.
a vital, basic, decisive, or pivotal point: The crux of the trialwas his whereabouts at the time of the murder.
a cross.
something that torments by its puzzling naturea perplexing difficulty.

*definition compliments of 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Novel # 1:Creating Plausible Worlds

Last night I spent a hours researching alternate biologies, exobiology, and astrobiology; well into the wee hours. I had to put myself into the mindset of life as we Don't Know It. Today I am creating other worlds in Novel # 1. I want these worlds to be plausible if they really did exist in our universe. And, I wanted them to be detailed enough to give my audience the elaborate picture of what life and environment conditions could be like on another planet. Can't wait to sit down this morning and start building these worlds.
Keep following; look forward to sharing sneak previews of what I build!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Novel No.1: Excerpt 5: Jesca gets a surprise from mom and dad.

Things are moving along great with the novel.  Enjoy the latest excerpt!

I’m curious if this ability will bleed into my waking hours just as the visions and hallucinations have found there way from the ethereal to reality. The heightened hearing; the ability to hear even the smallest whisper. The speed I possessed in the woods and in my dreams.  The humming sound and vibration around my body; like a shield warning me of impeding danger.  What if I have unlocked a part of my mind that has been hidden, hibernating, sleeping. Until now.  What has awakened this inside of me? I fade into sleep.
I headed over to mom and dad’s around 12:30.  Mom and dad got me a blue 2001 Mazda CRV on my 16th birthday.  I remember being so excited. I had just gotten my license; that was a liberating moment.  My car was reliable, practical; nothing fancy or sporty.  I only used it to get to mom an dad’s and when the weather  was beyond wind and light drizzle.
I turned  on the radio.  The national news fills the car’s speakers.  I was  partially listening just to have some background noise as I drive. The news is riddled with global warming theories, upcoming elections,  living green eco tips, earthquakes, tsunamis, unstable weather conditions setting precedent records this decade.  I turn it off before I make it to the turn onto my street.  So much is happening lately. Or maybe I’m just more aware of the events. But, why the awareness now? Why am I feeling heightened anxiousness about the world around me all of a sudden? I arrived on my street and immediately the anxiousness turned to a dull burning starting in my head and radiating to my heart, then stomach.  It was like that burning sensation you get when something scares you to the core.  Damn I hate that feeling!  My dad called it the flight or flight reflex.  I just call it the “Oh Hell” reflex because that is the only thing I can think when I get this feeling.  First it was the humming.  The reverberation slowly took hold. I closed my eyes and took some deep breaths.  The vibration subsided. The humming dulled.  I pulled up to my house. 
 “Oh Hell”.
 The first shock, a sign stood  in my yard stark white with bright red letters  FOR SALE.   The second shock, a plaque  of even bigger red letters laid diagonally over the previous red letters stating SOLD.
The third shock was the Wise Guys moving trucks being loaded by 4 burly men dressed in navy blue jumpsuits. 
I felt vertigo and clammy.  I storm from the car and run passed 2 men moving a desk out of the house.   I didn’t bother excusing myself as I pushed passed and through the front door. 
I began to holler, “Mom! Dad!”.   Boxes line the entry way.  No response, just silence. 
I yelled louder, “Mom!” I began to walk from room to room; boxes, plastic wrap on furniture.  I head to the master.  Dad was removing the bedding and  2 movers squeezed  passed me with a lamp in one hand and pillow in the other. 
I looked at my father, dumbfounded, “What is going on Dad?”
I was in complete shock and he saw that.  His face so serious.
Mom came out of the closet, “Jes.  Honey, I know this is a little shocking…”
Sarcastically I responded, “Just a little mom. Where are you going? When did all of this happen?”
Dad and mom both look at each other, then they look at me, they approached me and led me out of the master toward the living room. Dad started, “Jes, mom and I decided a few months ago that we were ready for a simpler and smaller life.  We are going to be empty nesters soon with Bethany going away for college next year. And, we don’t need this huge house anymore.  We decided that Colorado is a great place for us to retire.”
Dad looked at mom for reassurance. Mom smiled, “So, we put the house on the market and amazingly a week later we had a contract on it.  The couple who bought the house are moving in next week and are expecting their second child in May.  This house is perfect for them.  We’re sorry honey. We just haven’t found the right time to tell you with all the, stress you have been dealing with.” 
Dad added, “The lack of sleep, nightmares, school, job, all of your responsibilities…we didn’t want to throw something else for you to worry about into the mix.”
The vertigo feeling subsided. But, the humming was still audible.  Something is off, not right. 
I tried to force myself to believe, “its fine.  I just wish you guys would have warned me.  I thought you were getting divorced or something worse like…”
Dad jumped in, “No, no sweetheart. We are so happy to make this move.  We think that we have been hovering to much over both you and Bethany lately.  Mom added, “Dad and I need to find ourselves again. Enjoy each other and travel. We have found the cutest little condo that will allow us to travel and not have to worry about home maintenance.”
All I could think was wow. I mean I did want my mom and dad to back off a bit with the hovering, but I didn’t think they would pick up and move.
They mentioned Bethany, “What about Bethany? What is she going to do for the rest of her senior year?”
Mom and Dad looked at each other again, “Bethany will be staying with the Sanfords, Serena’s family, for the remainder of her senior year. She will spend the summer with us before attending college at the University of Colorado. She already applied and was accepted.  She won’t be staying with us; she will need her space to spread her wings.”
I was floored.  My parents are allowing my sister to stay with a family for the rest of her senior year?  My parents had really changed. How long had I been out of the loop with them?  And, Bethany. She didn’t clue me into any of this. Well I hadn’t taken the initiative of picking up the phone to call my little sister either, so I couldn’t shift the blame entirely on her.  She is probably pissed at me for being so distant. And, I had to agree, rightfully so. 
Mom, “Sweet heart, why do you look so sad?”
I started getting choked up, “Well, I am a little sad about the house.  I mean, we have lived here all of Bethany’s and my life.  I’m going to miss this place.”
I cleared my throat, “But I’m so excited for you guys.  You are finally living a life for you two.  You have dedicated your lives to raising Bethany and I. It is your time to live now.” I gave a brief smile through my welled up eyes and quivering lips. 
Dad and mom both smiled and gave me a huge hug. 
A gruff voice from behind us interrupted our moment, “Excuse me Mr. and Mrs. Gershon.  We have all of the items that are going into storage. We will be back Tuesday of next week to move you folks to Boulder.”
I took that moment to clear the air. I snickered and forced a laugh, “It’s not like you will be in another country.  We will see each other on holidays and stuff.” This was true and pretty much how often we were seeing each other now. So it wouldn’t be very different from life as we knew it.   Dad added before I departed, “It seems like things are coming together for you Jesca. Last night’s breakthrough with your nightmare was a huge step.”
I responded, “Yeah, things are coming together. I’m really doing much better.” Even though the slight humming was still present, I gave my parents a smile to reassure them that I was fine. Maybe the smile was reassurance for me too. 
My parents had a few loose ends to tie up so I took that opportunity to excuse myself.  I told them I would be stopping by on moving day to see them off. Then, realization kicked in.  Everything is coming together for me at the exact same time my family is moving apart. How is that a good thing? Something is off balance. That feeling you get before lightening strikes. My smile turned to a stiff lip of wonder at the coincidence as I walked away from our house. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Novel No.1: Excerpt 4 Jesca confides in professor Ezra Kahn at Margot's Deli

Ezra, “Jesca, you seem really tense.  Is everything ok? Is the semester going alright?”
I respond, “The semester is fine.  I just have… I have been….   I shake my head.  I think  in my head  I can’t lie to him. Yes, you can. He is not interested in your drama. The argument carries on in my head for a bit.  I lean forward and lower my voice, “No. I am tired, and nervous, and fidgety, and anxious and it is pissing me off. I have been having these thoughts, dreams, whatever, about this dark thing, and now I’m feeling it, seeing it, sensing it, hearing it in real life! I think.  Oh, and I can’t forget the fact that I’m seeing all of the unsavory behaviors of the public around me magnified.  And, I feel like I’m going nuts! I’m not sleeping.  I’m hallucinating and seeing faces of people contort to faces of monsters, demons. And! Before I saw you at the lake, I was hauling ass with crazy ultra speed through the woods trying to escape this, this thing! I stop and look up to stop the tears. I take a deep breath to clear the lump that has developed in my throat.
I look at him, “I’m sorry.  I don’t know why I just unloaded all that shi…stuff on you. You don’t need to hear all of that. I just feel comfortable with. I don’t know what I’m talking about; never mind.”
Ezra looked at me with sympathy. Not pity, but compassion.
All of a sudden, like a switch went off in his head, Ezra’s mood became cold, “Is there anything I can do?”
I scoff, “I doubt it. Can we pretend like I didn’t just unload the last week of my life on you and start over with something more, more academic?”  I knew that would be a safe topic; void of emotion.
Ezra smiled with understanding, “sure.”
I shift my mood to some excitement for Ezra’s sake, “Ok, so tell me what your latest graduate lectures have surfaced from the theories of the universe, time, space, etc.”
Ezra’s eyes lit up, “Well, let’s see.”
Ezra grabs a paper napkin from the dispenser on the table, “Have you heard of the Einstein- Rosen Bridge Theory?”
I look at him with a vague nod; I remember catching something on The Learning Channel about it once. 
Ezra continued, “ Well, in short, this theory deals with quantum physics. The potential of negative mass being harnessed and used to fold space and allow a wormhole to open to another worlds and universes. Worlds already in existence and worlds not yet discovered.
My face must have either “skeptic” or “confused” written all over it.
Ezra, “Imagine this napkin here has a point A and point B.  A is one edge of the napkin representing world A.  B is the other edge of the napkin, representing world B.  If I fold this napkin in half, fold time and space with negative energy and mass, this will create a dense weight on world A. The weight will be so strong that it will create a hole to the other side of the napkin, world B.  That is what will bridge the distance between the two worlds.  It’s a traverse wormhole.”
I’m curious, “But isn’t it impossible to find negative mass anywhere on the Earth. Even engineering it has posed barriers. How can you say that a hole could be created big enough to teleport a human, let alone an atom. Teleporting from world A to world B quickly, safely, smoothly. How can that be?”
Ezra, “That is where Einstein and Rosen left off and years later physicists expanded the theory into numerous ideas and possibilities to achieve negative mass.
I’m eager to hear, “What are they? Tell me.”
Ezra, “Well, that is a conversation we can have another time.” He ruffled his unruly hair and blew out his lower lip.  
Sally returned with their Ruben sandwiches and dishes of cobbler. I frown feeling cheated out of an intriguing conversation. I always loved it when her dad and mom talked about theories.  The conversation with Ezra brought back good memories.
Ezra smiled and took a huge bite of his sandwich, “Your food is getting cold. Eat up.”

Monday, June 13, 2011

Novel No.1: Excerpt #3

Novel #1 Excerpt #3

I felt like I slept for days.  Truthfully, it was almost a full day.  22 hours give or take.  I woke up only long enough to use the facilities and for a glass of water.  The sound of the heater turning on is what woke me.  It is so strange how the smallest yet distinct sound can catch your attention.  The click of a heating system as it kicks on in the middle of the night. The sound of the warmth moving through the air ducts above.  As my body woke, my eyes stayed shut taking in the sound.  Imagining being the heat moving through the aluminum, swaying from one side of the piping to the other like an inner tube on a crazy water ride.  Then out through the vents it soars.  I open my eyes.  The sun is retreating behind the almost barren trees.  I look at the clock. It is 3:08 pm.  I lay there thinking of the events that have come about over the last few days.  It seems like a distant, crazy, insignificant set that I can chalk up to being sleep deprived;   hallucinations and paranoia.  Feeling energized I head out for a run.  Mom always said that running brought me to my center. It helps me clear my mind.  It definitely helps me work things out it my head and sets things in order.  I leave the apartment and head northwest toward the foothills and Lake Lanier.  It is a good distance, about 9 miles round trip. It was a familiar trek though. Dad and I used to hike near the lake and running it reminds me of the fun and comforting times with him.  The concrete turns to gravel. I begin the climb. Gravel turns to small rocks, then boulders.  I then descend into the more wooded area; mulch and leaves.  The sun is shimmering on the fallen leaves.  The cool air hitting my face and legs is  much appreciated as the expedition taxes my body.  I focus on my breath, on the ground, on the music, on the movement of my arms and legs in synchronized motion.
All of a sudden, I hear the familiar hum again.  Then twigs breaking close by. I stop and look around;  my heart pounding both from the run and anxiousness.  I see a dark flash out of the corner of my eye.  It was upright not low to the ground like an animal.  I turn my music down just to be more in tuned with the environment.  I turn and run; picking up the pace a bit; the adrenaline is running higher in me.  My legs begin to take larger strides, faster, becoming stronger, unnatural.  My vision and hearing is fine tuned to the point of hearing crumbling green leaves under my feet as I run.  My arms work quickly to eliminate shrubs, twigs, twine  in my path.  I sense something; a presence coming up on me.  Pulling me back into it; closing in.  As I glance behind me, I see a black smoke-like entity creeping behind, gaining quickened movement on my around every tree, every log, every shrub.  A clearing is ahead. I think it must me the lake and put more power into my stride, with every stretch I’m soaring.  The sunlight becomes less sparse as the trees open their canopy to unleash me from the woods.  The pulling releases me like a rubber band and my body is in the sunlight. I come to a stop and turn to look into the wood.  Nothing. Just rustling leaves on the rocky ground.  I slowly pace in front of the opening to the wood looking, watching, and waiting as I catch my breath; I guess expecting something to reveal itself.  The humming is diffusing quickly. The vibration is minimal compared to my raising heart. 
I turn and look to the lake. Mr. Kahn?  My freshman year astronomy professor is in a boat staring at me curiously. I felt my cheeks get redder than they already were from my run.   Thinking now, I probably looked pretty ridiculous soaring out of the woods at indescribably speed. 
Jesca, “Hi there Mr. Kahn.”
Mr. Kahn tipped his fishing hat to me, “Jesca Gershon?  You ok?” ( he remembered me.)
Ezra Kahn was the most interesting professor I have met yet.  I ran in to him, literally, last semester before my class with him.  He is the reason I decided this year to pursue coursework dealing with cosmology and astrophysics, quantum physics. Yes, it sounds boring by title, but the content is mind boggling. 
Jesca, “Yes, It’s Jesca. Hey Mr. Kahn have you seen anything or anyone odd running around before I came out of the woods?”
Looking more concerned for me now, Ezra says, “ Yes, I did see a young man heading into the woods about 10 minutes ago.  Is everything alright? ”
Jesca feeling her nerves heighten again, “Yeah, yeah, everything is fine.  Well, it was nice seeing you. I better be heading back. Nice to see you.”
Ezra smiled, “You too.  Be careful heading back, alright?”
I waved from behind me as I ran along the exterior of the woods to enter from another trail head.  I headed along the edge of the wood. My anxiety had calmed since seeing Mr. Kahn; I know, weird.  I fell back into my normal pace.  I couldn’t help thinking that I have randomly seen Mr. Kahn around town lately, not just on campus.  I wonder what his life outside of campus entailed. Did he have a family?  A wife? Does he live alone? Divorced? He seems like a nice enough man to have a family and maybe a couple of children. Contemplating Mr. Kahn’s life freaked me out a bit, but it passed the time perfectly to get me home without too much thought on what I just experienced.

Novel No.1: Excerpt #2 from Chapter 2

Posts will becoming more frequent now that summer is settling in. I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think!

As I walk, I button up my blue pea coat, while calculating the number of nights I have not slept due to the nightmare. Crap, this is the 5th time in two weeks.  I think for a minute,  It may be the new semester and the stress of settling in to my coursework and new apartment as well as my part-time job at  Benson’s Book Store.. I may not realize it, but the added responsibilities could be taking a toll on me.  That is what mom and dad might say to precursor an offer to take some of that stress off my hands by coming back home.  I can do this.  I have always been headstrong and confident and never backed down from a challenge.  I come to an intersection just on the fringe of campus. In my peripheral, I see a dark green jacket and a baseball cap; traditional garb for campus.  Feeling the urge to acknowledge the guy, I look over.  He is looking at me with these dark, angry eyes with not other expression on his face; devilishly catatonic. Then his face shifts. I feel vertigo, faint. He  grabbed my arm and I’m about ready to wail on him when I look at him again.  The eyes, they are normal; quite beautiful actually.. Light green and gorgeous to be exact.  What the hell just happened?
“Are you alright? You almost fell into oncoming traffic.” He says in a husky voice.
“Uh, yeah. Sorry.” That is all I could think of, really?
He quickly ran across the street ahead of me. I tried to get a look at him again as I caught up to him. He had his head down as the majority of people on campus do, extremely focused on getting from point A to point B.  He took a left at the forked path where I needed to take a right to get to Shakespearean Lit.  I paused just a bit to watch him walk, to see if something about him shifted; to see if I got that vertigo feeling again. Nothing.  The wind was picking up bringing along with it the frigid cold.  I headed to class.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The two Ezra's: One of the main characters in Novel #1 is a real person?

So I was in my brokerage office chatting with one of our two fabulous office managers. She asked how the novel was going. I asked if she had Checked out the blog. She had not so I emailed it to her. A couple of hours later, she emailed me back. She said she couldn't wait to read more. The surprise: "Is your Ezra Kahn any relation to this one?"
She added a link. My immediate feelings: Wow. really. What an amazing coincidence! Or isn't not a coincidence at all?
I clicked the link. What did I find? This person's face appeared and my immediate thwashings "that IS Ezra". Seeing Ezra Kahn, the character, was surreal. I quickly read about this university of Vermont master program alum. The Vermont Ezra and the Massachusetts Ezra from my book had an eerie, similar physical, personal, and educational background characteristics. The fictitious Ezra Kahn grew up in Massachusetts and attended MIT. He is a professor of science; physics. The real Ezra Kahn spent time in New York, lived in Massachusetts for a short while and Is now in Vermont at the College of engineering and Mathematical Sciences. The connection between the two Ezra's was breath-taking to me. As I old this story to a dear friend,the words that she said gave me goosebumps; "maybe there is a cosmic realtionship there?". How could I have chosen a name for this fictitious character in November of 2010, nutured it by giving it life and now in March 2011 I see the real life of someone by the same name living a similar life. A testament of a perfectly synchronized cosmos that is continually awe-striking!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Novel No.1: Excerpt #1

Excerpt #1, Novel No.1

A hazy dusk is approaching.  The dark challenges the light, bringing an indelible silence as it slowly creeps into the world,   The unhurried sunlight retreats beyond the sidewalks, the grass, the trees, the buildings, the houses without disgrace, knowingly predestined to rise against the dark again.  I am running with panic weighing heavy on my chest.  The pound, pound, pound of my heart and feet are synchronized.  My breath is silent, but fast.  I feel urgency to get home to save them, my parents.  I am running down a dimly lit street.  Wet, glossy asphalt shimmers as I climb the familiar hill just before turning left to my house.  I can see mist gathering at each lamp post down this long road.  Nervousness and  fear slip into my impetuously, infected mind.  I need to get there faster is the singular thought that is festering to the tip of my tongue as I mouth the words, but no sound comes.  Out of the sheer silence I hear a man’s holler and a woman’s scream.  The voices are so familiar. Then they become distorted and evil in sound.  At the crest of the hill, I see my house.  Dark and no lights on, except for the one upstairs.  Incomprehensible speed gets me to the front door of our house in seconds.  I brace myself with one deep breath; I know what is coming. I open the door and even though I know what to expect having dreamed this nightmare countless times, I still feel the blood drain from my body, and my throat constrict in preparation to bar any sound from coming to my aid.  This dark, evil presence, aura, is all around me laden and thick with terrorizing, intimidating presence. It knows that I am hear and I feel the rush of the dark force, block my path. As I attempt to pass and climb the stairs, the sensation of walking through deep snow kicks in. I will myself  to press on, having had repeated attempts and failures time and time again in this vicious circle of a nightmare.  I am up the stairs two steps at a time with unearthly speed.  My kick to the door cracks the door frame and startles dad into look up at me, then promptly returning his full attention to mom.  They are huddled, holding each other in a corner between their bed and night stand.  My mother is writhing, convulsing.  My father is holding her weeping and quickly speaking under his breath what I can gather are prayers to God for her to be saved.  
I confront this dark aura that is saturating my home, my family. 
“Leave this house”, comes out of my mouth crackly and muffled with no strength behind it, like I had cotton stuffed into my mouth. 
 I close my eyes and focus.  I put every ounce of volume and strength behind my voice, “Leave my house, my family. With all my strength,  I co…”
 I hear the audible reality, “...mmand you to leave!”and my voice wakes me.
 I am drenched in sweat, yet shivering and cold. I can not move my body.  I can only look around. My legs feel like they are being sat on and my arms feel as if they are chained to the bed.  I turn to the window, it is still dark. The trees are casting dark shadows on my bedroom wall from the window by my bed. I am breathing rapidly, but trying to slow the pace.  I lie there recalling the same damn familiar nightmare that I have experienced for years; yet becoming more frequent lately. Three times this week and it is only Friday. I can’t help but think, like so many times in the past, that it could be a warning or sign of some kind.  More frequently than not, when this very physical nightmare occurs, it takes a while for my body to regain the ability to move. In my adolescent years, the doctors  remedied my parents concern  by naming this somewhat bazaar symptom "sleep paralysis". As the nightmare became more intense as I got older, so did the paralysis.  My focused attempt at physically repositioning my body seems to assist with the shift in my mind that is necessary to bring myself back to reality. I look at the clock; it is 3:34 am.  "Too early to call mom and dad", I thought.  I always call them after “an episode”. Since I can remember, mom and dad have been  either physically at my bed side or by phone to comfort me after the nightmare. I suppose it is their way of bringing me back to reality after the horrific un-reality of it all.   It only felt normal to call them now, even though I am hesitant since the increased occurrences worry them.  The frequency is beginning to worry me as well. 


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Are You Experienced?

It's funny how things happen perfectly synchronized toward a grander plan, even if it is not your own.  Over the past couple of months, while writing my first novel, I have picked up some unexpected vacation spots and trips that flow perfectly into descriptive settings  in first book of a series. I had no hand in the planning  of the vacations; they kind of just happened. The settings and places involved in the novel were already set into motion in the first book's outline prior to all of these trips.  Over the next 8 months, we are going to Florida, Missouri, and Mexico.  The realization of the connections in this well-layed plan,  by a power beyond and greater than me, came when I recently chaperoned my son, Dylan's, 3rd grade class to Inner Space Caverns.  The thing is, as a child, I had never been to Inner Space Caverns or Natural Bridge Caverns which are both literally North and South on IH-35 from me...a day trip from me.  How is it until now, as an adult, during this writing process of my novel, am I experiencing this amazing place for the first time?
Inner Space Cavern- main cavern 2011 vck
This was the, what I like to call, "Ah-ha Moment".  Sheer proof that something, someone, greater than me is at work in me!  Bringing these places, settings, that I am writing about to life for me so that I experience and portray them the best I can.   As I continue writing this novel, which still has no title (sorry, just hasn't come to me yet), I know I will be able to convey the details of the settings so much more colorfully having been in the settings as the author.  By the way, the caverns are amazing in person. If you haven't been to see the many caverns all over the U.S. it is truly a wonderful experience.  I hope that they are as breath-taking and awe-striking to the reader when I share the descriptive underground, cavernous setting of the  "Facility" in the novel. Enjoy the pics I took along the trek in the caverns!
Inner Space Caverns 2011  vck

Friday, March 11, 2011

Novel #1 Update: Sketch/blueprint of "The Facility"in the book

I wanted to post the blueprint of the "Facility" where a significant part of the novel takes place. I actually sketched it before I wrote this section.  I knew I wouldn't be as descriptive in the novel if I didn't.  I wanted to make sure the experience of the characters in the "Facility"  was rich and engrossing for the reader.  I may include this in the complete novel as reference for the reader as well.  Want to thank my Dad ( architectural designer) for my artistic ability. Looking back;  many, many days watching Dad draft were a treasured gift that I can finally use as a writer to share the visual perspective of a place I have created in my novel.  Love you Dad.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So Venessa, What is your book about? Novel No.1: Synopsis Finally done!

I am finally posting the synopsis of my first novel.  I am half  done with the first draft of the first book of a series of books.  The synopsis is supposed to be the hook that gets the reader interested. So does this do the job?  Let me know what you think!

Novel #1 Synopsis
Jesca Gershon, both driven and independent has a well-laid plan; part-time job at the local book shop in town and entering her sophmore year at Bernau University in Gainesville, Georgia.
 Conversely, Jesca's juvenile nightmares have returned but with more frequency, vividness and terror.  Not only does the reoccurring fright haunt her sleep with dark, looming auras and distorted reality, the dream realm also manifests unnatural physical and mental abilities seemingly for protection. But from what?
 Her dream world begins to seep into the real world, with waking hour appearances of stalking dark figures tracking Jesca, passerbys with twisted and evil faces, and the acute ability of honing in on danger and unsavory characters. She is being pulled into physical and mental chaos.  At the peak of what could be Jesca's breaking point, she confides in her trusted professor, Ezra Kahn. Unforeseen, Ezra unleashes upon Jesca  an  irrevocable role, thus catapulting her into a slant of this world she would have never considered until now.
Jesca begins a quest involving personal growth, friendship, trust, love, leaps of faith, and the belief of her greater purpose in one world within a universe that is not alone.  A world that is teetering on the edge of man's unquenched need for control and power conceiving universal disproportion that could destroy our existence all together.


Genre:  Science Fiction, Young Adult

Keywords:  Science fiction, metaphysical theories, quantum physic theories, spiritual/religious content and beliefs.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Now I'm making some progress.

Today was a rainy, stay in the house kind of day.  It was also a day that I brought a main component of the novel to fruition.  I had been stalling and stalling on getting to this point in the story line since I had not come up with the right fit, the right object, to move these words off of  the pages, into the minds of the readers, placing a seed there;  a creative concept that could be completely plausible in reality. And, just maybe, inspire a few young  readers to become thinkers, seekers, doers, and visionaries for the balance of humanity, science, and nature!  I caught that "right fit" this morning before it left me....quickly scratching it down on a pink post -it! Yes, I am a post-it queen.  4 solid hours of writing...and counting...I am making this baby grow and it is starting to write itself; unfolding before my eyes.  Now, I am making some progress!

Friday, January 14, 2011

My main character is coming to life! | View 4.24mileLakewoodtoSummerVistaCapella in Austin, Texas

While running I was thinking of my characters, the main character in particular, Jesca. I have never been a
"trail runner". I have always been a "road runner". No uneven ground, stable, no surprises. Until I started my first novel. I started developing the main character and secondary characters and the story line on my long "road runs". I wanted to try "trail running" since the main character shares her eventful, eerie experiences on her trail running in this first book. Trail running has given me a greater appreciation for running; greater than I already had. I love the adventure, the surprises, the surroundings. And, in an odd way I feel like I am breathing life into the character, Jesca, when I am on the trails.