Friday, January 14, 2011

My main character is coming to life! | View 4.24mileLakewoodtoSummerVistaCapella in Austin, Texas

While running I was thinking of my characters, the main character in particular, Jesca. I have never been a
"trail runner". I have always been a "road runner". No uneven ground, stable, no surprises. Until I started my first novel. I started developing the main character and secondary characters and the story line on my long "road runs". I wanted to try "trail running" since the main character shares her eventful, eerie experiences on her trail running in this first book. Trail running has given me a greater appreciation for running; greater than I already had. I love the adventure, the surprises, the surroundings. And, in an odd way I feel like I am breathing life into the character, Jesca, when I am on the trails.


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