Saturday, January 15, 2011

Now I'm making some progress.

Today was a rainy, stay in the house kind of day.  It was also a day that I brought a main component of the novel to fruition.  I had been stalling and stalling on getting to this point in the story line since I had not come up with the right fit, the right object, to move these words off of  the pages, into the minds of the readers, placing a seed there;  a creative concept that could be completely plausible in reality. And, just maybe, inspire a few young  readers to become thinkers, seekers, doers, and visionaries for the balance of humanity, science, and nature!  I caught that "right fit" this morning before it left me....quickly scratching it down on a pink post -it! Yes, I am a post-it queen.  4 solid hours of writing...and counting...I am making this baby grow and it is starting to write itself; unfolding before my eyes.  Now, I am making some progress!

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