Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Are You Experienced?

It's funny how things happen perfectly synchronized toward a grander plan, even if it is not your own.  Over the past couple of months, while writing my first novel, I have picked up some unexpected vacation spots and trips that flow perfectly into descriptive settings  in first book of a series. I had no hand in the planning  of the vacations; they kind of just happened. The settings and places involved in the novel were already set into motion in the first book's outline prior to all of these trips.  Over the next 8 months, we are going to Florida, Missouri, and Mexico.  The realization of the connections in this well-layed plan,  by a power beyond and greater than me, came when I recently chaperoned my son, Dylan's, 3rd grade class to Inner Space Caverns.  The thing is, as a child, I had never been to Inner Space Caverns or Natural Bridge Caverns which are both literally North and South on IH-35 from me...a day trip from me.  How is it until now, as an adult, during this writing process of my novel, am I experiencing this amazing place for the first time?
Inner Space Cavern- main cavern 2011 vck
This was the, what I like to call, "Ah-ha Moment".  Sheer proof that something, someone, greater than me is at work in me!  Bringing these places, settings, that I am writing about to life for me so that I experience and portray them the best I can.   As I continue writing this novel, which still has no title (sorry, just hasn't come to me yet), I know I will be able to convey the details of the settings so much more colorfully having been in the settings as the author.  By the way, the caverns are amazing in person. If you haven't been to see the many caverns all over the U.S. it is truly a wonderful experience.  I hope that they are as breath-taking and awe-striking to the reader when I share the descriptive underground, cavernous setting of the  "Facility" in the novel. Enjoy the pics I took along the trek in the caverns!
Inner Space Caverns 2011  vck

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