Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The two Ezra's: One of the main characters in Novel #1 is a real person?

So I was in my brokerage office chatting with one of our two fabulous office managers. She asked how the novel was going. I asked if she had Checked out the blog. She had not so I emailed it to her. A couple of hours later, she emailed me back. She said she couldn't wait to read more. The surprise: "Is your Ezra Kahn any relation to this one?"
She added a link. My immediate feelings: Wow. really. What an amazing coincidence! Or isn't not a coincidence at all?
I clicked the link. What did I find? This person's face appeared and my immediate thwashings "that IS Ezra". Seeing Ezra Kahn, the character, was surreal. I quickly read about this university of Vermont master program alum. The Vermont Ezra and the Massachusetts Ezra from my book had an eerie, similar physical, personal, and educational background characteristics. The fictitious Ezra Kahn grew up in Massachusetts and attended MIT. He is a professor of science; physics. The real Ezra Kahn spent time in New York, lived in Massachusetts for a short while and Is now in Vermont at the College of engineering and Mathematical Sciences. The connection between the two Ezra's was breath-taking to me. As I old this story to a dear friend,the words that she said gave me goosebumps; "maybe there is a cosmic realtionship there?". How could I have chosen a name for this fictitious character in November of 2010, nutured it by giving it life and now in March 2011 I see the real life of someone by the same name living a similar life. A testament of a perfectly synchronized cosmos that is continually awe-striking!

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