Monday, June 13, 2011

Novel No.1: Excerpt #2 from Chapter 2

Posts will becoming more frequent now that summer is settling in. I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think!

As I walk, I button up my blue pea coat, while calculating the number of nights I have not slept due to the nightmare. Crap, this is the 5th time in two weeks.  I think for a minute,  It may be the new semester and the stress of settling in to my coursework and new apartment as well as my part-time job at  Benson’s Book Store.. I may not realize it, but the added responsibilities could be taking a toll on me.  That is what mom and dad might say to precursor an offer to take some of that stress off my hands by coming back home.  I can do this.  I have always been headstrong and confident and never backed down from a challenge.  I come to an intersection just on the fringe of campus. In my peripheral, I see a dark green jacket and a baseball cap; traditional garb for campus.  Feeling the urge to acknowledge the guy, I look over.  He is looking at me with these dark, angry eyes with not other expression on his face; devilishly catatonic. Then his face shifts. I feel vertigo, faint. He  grabbed my arm and I’m about ready to wail on him when I look at him again.  The eyes, they are normal; quite beautiful actually.. Light green and gorgeous to be exact.  What the hell just happened?
“Are you alright? You almost fell into oncoming traffic.” He says in a husky voice.
“Uh, yeah. Sorry.” That is all I could think of, really?
He quickly ran across the street ahead of me. I tried to get a look at him again as I caught up to him. He had his head down as the majority of people on campus do, extremely focused on getting from point A to point B.  He took a left at the forked path where I needed to take a right to get to Shakespearean Lit.  I paused just a bit to watch him walk, to see if something about him shifted; to see if I got that vertigo feeling again. Nothing.  The wind was picking up bringing along with it the frigid cold.  I headed to class.  

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