Monday, June 27, 2011

Novel No.1: Excerpt 4 Jesca confides in professor Ezra Kahn at Margot's Deli

Ezra, “Jesca, you seem really tense.  Is everything ok? Is the semester going alright?”
I respond, “The semester is fine.  I just have… I have been….   I shake my head.  I think  in my head  I can’t lie to him. Yes, you can. He is not interested in your drama. The argument carries on in my head for a bit.  I lean forward and lower my voice, “No. I am tired, and nervous, and fidgety, and anxious and it is pissing me off. I have been having these thoughts, dreams, whatever, about this dark thing, and now I’m feeling it, seeing it, sensing it, hearing it in real life! I think.  Oh, and I can’t forget the fact that I’m seeing all of the unsavory behaviors of the public around me magnified.  And, I feel like I’m going nuts! I’m not sleeping.  I’m hallucinating and seeing faces of people contort to faces of monsters, demons. And! Before I saw you at the lake, I was hauling ass with crazy ultra speed through the woods trying to escape this, this thing! I stop and look up to stop the tears. I take a deep breath to clear the lump that has developed in my throat.
I look at him, “I’m sorry.  I don’t know why I just unloaded all that shi…stuff on you. You don’t need to hear all of that. I just feel comfortable with. I don’t know what I’m talking about; never mind.”
Ezra looked at me with sympathy. Not pity, but compassion.
All of a sudden, like a switch went off in his head, Ezra’s mood became cold, “Is there anything I can do?”
I scoff, “I doubt it. Can we pretend like I didn’t just unload the last week of my life on you and start over with something more, more academic?”  I knew that would be a safe topic; void of emotion.
Ezra smiled with understanding, “sure.”
I shift my mood to some excitement for Ezra’s sake, “Ok, so tell me what your latest graduate lectures have surfaced from the theories of the universe, time, space, etc.”
Ezra’s eyes lit up, “Well, let’s see.”
Ezra grabs a paper napkin from the dispenser on the table, “Have you heard of the Einstein- Rosen Bridge Theory?”
I look at him with a vague nod; I remember catching something on The Learning Channel about it once. 
Ezra continued, “ Well, in short, this theory deals with quantum physics. The potential of negative mass being harnessed and used to fold space and allow a wormhole to open to another worlds and universes. Worlds already in existence and worlds not yet discovered.
My face must have either “skeptic” or “confused” written all over it.
Ezra, “Imagine this napkin here has a point A and point B.  A is one edge of the napkin representing world A.  B is the other edge of the napkin, representing world B.  If I fold this napkin in half, fold time and space with negative energy and mass, this will create a dense weight on world A. The weight will be so strong that it will create a hole to the other side of the napkin, world B.  That is what will bridge the distance between the two worlds.  It’s a traverse wormhole.”
I’m curious, “But isn’t it impossible to find negative mass anywhere on the Earth. Even engineering it has posed barriers. How can you say that a hole could be created big enough to teleport a human, let alone an atom. Teleporting from world A to world B quickly, safely, smoothly. How can that be?”
Ezra, “That is where Einstein and Rosen left off and years later physicists expanded the theory into numerous ideas and possibilities to achieve negative mass.
I’m eager to hear, “What are they? Tell me.”
Ezra, “Well, that is a conversation we can have another time.” He ruffled his unruly hair and blew out his lower lip.  
Sally returned with their Ruben sandwiches and dishes of cobbler. I frown feeling cheated out of an intriguing conversation. I always loved it when her dad and mom talked about theories.  The conversation with Ezra brought back good memories.
Ezra smiled and took a huge bite of his sandwich, “Your food is getting cold. Eat up.”

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