Monday, July 11, 2011

Novel No.1: Excerpt 5: Jesca gets a surprise from mom and dad.

Things are moving along great with the novel.  Enjoy the latest excerpt!

I’m curious if this ability will bleed into my waking hours just as the visions and hallucinations have found there way from the ethereal to reality. The heightened hearing; the ability to hear even the smallest whisper. The speed I possessed in the woods and in my dreams.  The humming sound and vibration around my body; like a shield warning me of impeding danger.  What if I have unlocked a part of my mind that has been hidden, hibernating, sleeping. Until now.  What has awakened this inside of me? I fade into sleep.
I headed over to mom and dad’s around 12:30.  Mom and dad got me a blue 2001 Mazda CRV on my 16th birthday.  I remember being so excited. I had just gotten my license; that was a liberating moment.  My car was reliable, practical; nothing fancy or sporty.  I only used it to get to mom an dad’s and when the weather  was beyond wind and light drizzle.
I turned  on the radio.  The national news fills the car’s speakers.  I was  partially listening just to have some background noise as I drive. The news is riddled with global warming theories, upcoming elections,  living green eco tips, earthquakes, tsunamis, unstable weather conditions setting precedent records this decade.  I turn it off before I make it to the turn onto my street.  So much is happening lately. Or maybe I’m just more aware of the events. But, why the awareness now? Why am I feeling heightened anxiousness about the world around me all of a sudden? I arrived on my street and immediately the anxiousness turned to a dull burning starting in my head and radiating to my heart, then stomach.  It was like that burning sensation you get when something scares you to the core.  Damn I hate that feeling!  My dad called it the flight or flight reflex.  I just call it the “Oh Hell” reflex because that is the only thing I can think when I get this feeling.  First it was the humming.  The reverberation slowly took hold. I closed my eyes and took some deep breaths.  The vibration subsided. The humming dulled.  I pulled up to my house. 
 “Oh Hell”.
 The first shock, a sign stood  in my yard stark white with bright red letters  FOR SALE.   The second shock, a plaque  of even bigger red letters laid diagonally over the previous red letters stating SOLD.
The third shock was the Wise Guys moving trucks being loaded by 4 burly men dressed in navy blue jumpsuits. 
I felt vertigo and clammy.  I storm from the car and run passed 2 men moving a desk out of the house.   I didn’t bother excusing myself as I pushed passed and through the front door. 
I began to holler, “Mom! Dad!”.   Boxes line the entry way.  No response, just silence. 
I yelled louder, “Mom!” I began to walk from room to room; boxes, plastic wrap on furniture.  I head to the master.  Dad was removing the bedding and  2 movers squeezed  passed me with a lamp in one hand and pillow in the other. 
I looked at my father, dumbfounded, “What is going on Dad?”
I was in complete shock and he saw that.  His face so serious.
Mom came out of the closet, “Jes.  Honey, I know this is a little shocking…”
Sarcastically I responded, “Just a little mom. Where are you going? When did all of this happen?”
Dad and mom both look at each other, then they look at me, they approached me and led me out of the master toward the living room. Dad started, “Jes, mom and I decided a few months ago that we were ready for a simpler and smaller life.  We are going to be empty nesters soon with Bethany going away for college next year. And, we don’t need this huge house anymore.  We decided that Colorado is a great place for us to retire.”
Dad looked at mom for reassurance. Mom smiled, “So, we put the house on the market and amazingly a week later we had a contract on it.  The couple who bought the house are moving in next week and are expecting their second child in May.  This house is perfect for them.  We’re sorry honey. We just haven’t found the right time to tell you with all the, stress you have been dealing with.” 
Dad added, “The lack of sleep, nightmares, school, job, all of your responsibilities…we didn’t want to throw something else for you to worry about into the mix.”
The vertigo feeling subsided. But, the humming was still audible.  Something is off, not right. 
I tried to force myself to believe, “its fine.  I just wish you guys would have warned me.  I thought you were getting divorced or something worse like…”
Dad jumped in, “No, no sweetheart. We are so happy to make this move.  We think that we have been hovering to much over both you and Bethany lately.  Mom added, “Dad and I need to find ourselves again. Enjoy each other and travel. We have found the cutest little condo that will allow us to travel and not have to worry about home maintenance.”
All I could think was wow. I mean I did want my mom and dad to back off a bit with the hovering, but I didn’t think they would pick up and move.
They mentioned Bethany, “What about Bethany? What is she going to do for the rest of her senior year?”
Mom and Dad looked at each other again, “Bethany will be staying with the Sanfords, Serena’s family, for the remainder of her senior year. She will spend the summer with us before attending college at the University of Colorado. She already applied and was accepted.  She won’t be staying with us; she will need her space to spread her wings.”
I was floored.  My parents are allowing my sister to stay with a family for the rest of her senior year?  My parents had really changed. How long had I been out of the loop with them?  And, Bethany. She didn’t clue me into any of this. Well I hadn’t taken the initiative of picking up the phone to call my little sister either, so I couldn’t shift the blame entirely on her.  She is probably pissed at me for being so distant. And, I had to agree, rightfully so. 
Mom, “Sweet heart, why do you look so sad?”
I started getting choked up, “Well, I am a little sad about the house.  I mean, we have lived here all of Bethany’s and my life.  I’m going to miss this place.”
I cleared my throat, “But I’m so excited for you guys.  You are finally living a life for you two.  You have dedicated your lives to raising Bethany and I. It is your time to live now.” I gave a brief smile through my welled up eyes and quivering lips. 
Dad and mom both smiled and gave me a huge hug. 
A gruff voice from behind us interrupted our moment, “Excuse me Mr. and Mrs. Gershon.  We have all of the items that are going into storage. We will be back Tuesday of next week to move you folks to Boulder.”
I took that moment to clear the air. I snickered and forced a laugh, “It’s not like you will be in another country.  We will see each other on holidays and stuff.” This was true and pretty much how often we were seeing each other now. So it wouldn’t be very different from life as we knew it.   Dad added before I departed, “It seems like things are coming together for you Jesca. Last night’s breakthrough with your nightmare was a huge step.”
I responded, “Yeah, things are coming together. I’m really doing much better.” Even though the slight humming was still present, I gave my parents a smile to reassure them that I was fine. Maybe the smile was reassurance for me too. 
My parents had a few loose ends to tie up so I took that opportunity to excuse myself.  I told them I would be stopping by on moving day to see them off. Then, realization kicked in.  Everything is coming together for me at the exact same time my family is moving apart. How is that a good thing? Something is off balance. That feeling you get before lightening strikes. My smile turned to a stiff lip of wonder at the coincidence as I walked away from our house. 

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