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Teaser # 4: Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 of Piercing the Fold Series

Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 of Piercing the Fold series:  TEASER #4

Remember, this is raw and unedited.  Part or all of this teaser may be altered or deleted prior to publication. 

Enjoy  ;)

~ ~
After our talk, Ezra  left to run some errands before tomorrow’s departure.  I showered and dressed to head out to Ms. Olivia’s.  It was pointless to sit around the house all day, waiting for tomorrow.  I walk out into the kitchen and grab a bottle of water from the refrigerator.  

Nate is sitting on the sofa with the TV on.  I walk over to the sofa and sit cross-legged next to him. I ask, “Have you called your parents?” 

Nate drapes his arm over the back of the sofa and leans back.  “Not yet.”

I pull my hair to the side and start braiding  it. “You  need to talk with them.  There has to be a reason they never said anything about Xander.”

His eyes never leave the TV screen as he ignores my suggestion.  I finish braiding my hair and we watch the news in silence. 

Nate breaks the silence a few minutes later.   “So.  I was wondering.” 

His voice sounds different, so I look at him giving my full attention. 

Nate takes a slow breath in, then releases it. “After we leave Ms. Olivia’s tonight, would you like to grab something to eat with me?”

I am caught off guard by his question and I quickly divert my eyes away from Nate, looking at the TV screen again.  I feel him looking at me out of the corner of my eye, measuring my reaction to the question.   Did he just asked me out?  I keep my eyes steady on the news anchor when I ask, “ You want to take me to dinner? Like a date?”

He doesn’t answer right away, so I look in his direction.    Nate is looking at me with those comforting eyes again.  “Yes. A date.”

He shifts his body to face mine.  He laughs a little then says, “ I mean I guess I should take you out, since I sneak into your room every night.”  

I throw the pillow from my behind me at his head.  “Ugh! That is so sincere Nate.”

He laughs histerically at my weak attempt of being frustrated with him.  I can’t keep from giggling when Nate’s laugh intensifies.  When Nate finally catches his breath, he says in all seriousness,   "I only sneak into your room to check on you. Scouts honor!” 

 He has been so good with me at night. When I wake up sobbing from the dreams of our potential future, Nate is there to console me.  It pains me to know that it is my feelings of fear and sorrow that wake him from his sleep.  I clear my throat and look at him with sincerity. "I know you are nothing but honorable. Thank you." 

His smile is soft when he bows his head, accepting my thanks.

I get up and walk toward the kitchen counter to grab the car keys. I ask Nate, “Do you want to drive?” 

When he doesn’t answer, I turn around to ask again. As soon as I turn, he is standing mere inches from me. He is so close, I lean back against the kitchen counter.

Without taking his eyes from mine, he leans forward and puts his hands on either side of the counter; keeping me from escaping.  I feel my cheeks flush from the thoughts rushing through my mind and I move my eyes from his to his lips.  Nate runs his hand along my cheek, and his fingers brushing away a few strands of hair that had fallen lose from the braid.  His fingers caress my jawline, then rest his hand on the racing pulse at the base of my neck.  The familiar energy I always get when he touches me is coursing through me like a shot of adrenaline. Nate sees my reaction and his voice is labored when he whispers,   “I’m sorry, I just needed to touch you.”

He starts to pull his hand away, but I stop him from moving and place it back on my neck. I close my eyes and  whisper, “It’s alright.”

 That is all the permission he needs to slip his arms around me and pull my body flush against his.  I put my hands on his chest and inch up on my toes to get as close to him as I can.  His breath dances on my lips, sending surges of an addictive tension straight through my core.  My lips feel like they are on fire without even touching his. I whisper breathlessly, “You didn’t answer my question.  Do you want to drive?”

Nate brushes his lips against mine once, then pulls back just enough to make me want more. He whispers,   “Yeah, I'll drive." 

His lips take mine and I moan from the wave of energy that explodes within me.

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Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 Cover Reveal and Book Trailer # 1

 Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 cover reveal

It is truly amazing  how the Facebook community of book readers, reviewers, critics, and authors come together to support  eachother.  This weekend, I was blessed to meet some amazing women on Facebook, strike up some interesting convo, and discover just how small the world is.  
 Today, the Piercing the Fold FB page reached 325 likes to spur the cover reveal of Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 as well as a 10 e-book copy giveaway to new fans!  It was made possible by all of those lover's of books and the craft of writing!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting the Piercing the Fold series everyone.  And, thank you for supporting my craft, which I am so in love with :)
I am sharing the video here for you all to view. Feel free to share, repost, tweet :)
Warmest Thanks,

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Piercing the Fold Series: Banners

I am so thrilled to pair these two banners together, Piercing the Fold: Book 1 and Surfacing the Rim: Book 2.  They look fabulous together :)
Just a few more likes on the Piercing the Fold page and I will share the Surfacing the Rim: Book 1 Full Cover Reveal and Book trailer ! The anticipation is killing me!

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Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 Cover Reveal and PtF Contest!

Hi Everyone,
When I got the finished cover for Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 this afternoon, the first thing I thought was that I must  to trick & treat the PtF fans at once!:)

 This cover reveal and e-book giveaway is super easy.   Piercing the Fold's  Facebook page is currently at 253 likes.  We just need under 75 likes to hit 325 and reveal the long awaited cover of book 2, Surfacing the Rim!  K.C. Designs did an amazing job once again for the Piercing the Fold series!
** Please share this contest with as many friends and family as you can! Hopefully, I can treat 10 new fans to e-book copies and a full StR: Book 2 cover reveal within the next couple of days! **

Happy Halloween,

Teaser Tuesday! Here is Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 Teaser # 3

Happy StR Teaser Tuesday! 

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from StR: Book 2.  You are in for a treat :). 
*Remember, this is raw and unedited.  Adjustments to this excerpt may occur between now and publication in March 2013.*

Surfacing the Rim: Book 2
Venessa Kimball

After Nate’s and my moment in the kitchen, I needed to collect myself before seeing my father.  I head  to my room to breathe for a few minutes.  I lie down on my bed and hug my pillow to my chest.

 My father.

It was still very strange to call him that.  I mean, I only discovered that he was my dad two months ago.  And, if you look at the circumstances we have been under,  father – daughter bonding has not been at the top of the list. Still, we have had some moments.  One day last week Nate and I were training on the beach.  We were running sprints up and down the beach to start.  We worked on interlinking  our abilities. Nate’s individual abilities are Latrosis;  healing others with his inner energy. Telepathy; reading others thoughts. Physical speed and strength. After our talk with Ezra earlier, we now know that our abilities are an advantageous perk of our Copula implantations.

My individual abilities are not as cut and dry.  As Ezra has told me, my abilities have evolved from singular abilities  to combinations of  abilities.  Why? We really don’t know.  I have Telepathy just as Nate. I also possess the physical speed and strength.  Ushering; the ability to compel someone to react or act in a specific manner.  Qi; vital inner energy that circulates within a person and outside of the person in flowing currents.  It turned out that the creepy vibrations within me and the humming noises I hear happen when my inner life force alerting me to impending danger.  Astral Projection, or what Ezra has coined  as “jumping”;  the ability of a person’s soul to travel out of the body to another place or plane of existence. That took me a while to understand.  But, I figured out that my Qi was connected to “jumping”. This is one of the mutated  abilities Ezra was fascinated with while we were still in the facility. Yet another ability, lucid dreaming, is one being aware they are in a dream state. The dreams are more vision like, a form of communication.  Sebastian has visited me in a lucid dream recently.  Since that visit, Sebastian was able to connect with my mind enough to see that a new, emerging ability for me is clairvoyance. The ability to see the future I see them through visions while I’m unconscious.  After Sebastian spoke to  Ezra about this,  they quickly came to the conclusion that  my lucid dreaming,  astral projecting, and clairvoyance are evolving and mutating  to make me more adaptable and  resilient for what is to come. And, now I know that all of this stems from the implanted Copula within me. 

Nate and I got hot and decided to jump into the water to cool off after the 2 hour session.  Ezra came down to the beach from the house.  Nate and I swam to shore.  As we exited the water and grabbed our towels, Nate spoke.  “What’s up Ezra? Everything alright?” 

Ezra had his arms crossed over his chest. He wasn’t angry.  He had a peaceful look on his face. “Everything is fine. Uh, Nate.  Go ahead in. Jes and I are going to talk for a bit.”

Nate and I looked at each other briefly. Ezra was a subtle as a flying brick.  But, I could feel he was feeling  sentimental about something.  I interjected to end  the uncomfortable  silence.  “Uh, yeah.  I needed to  talk with you too.  I will catch up with you later this morning Nate.  We can ride into the store together, ok? ”

Nate looked at Ezra, who was still standing stoically, gazing over our heads at the rolling waves.  Nate looked back at me and smiled.  “See you in a bit.”  Nate grabbed his shirt from the ground and jogged up to the house.  I couldn’t help but give in to the temptation of my gaze following his movement up to the villa. 

Ezra pulled me to him by the shoulder and we started walking down the beach.

 I rolled my eyes a little at his obvious attempt at pulling me from my Nate distraction.  “What’s going on pop!” 

I looked up to see him grin. “Oh, not much daughter.  Just wanted  some time with you minus Nate.” 

We walked silently for a while.  Ezra spoke nervously. “Jes.  When you were training just now with Nate… I thought of  our mother.  She was strong like you.  She was full of life.  She too had abilities that were beginning to evolve when she.” He stopped short.  He pulled my shoulder tighter to himself now and placed his mouth on my head.  At first, I was shocked.  Ezra was not an affectionate guy.  He would give me hugs and pats on the back. But, he had not attempted this type of father instinct before.  I felt myself get a little choked  up with his gesture.  I swallowed it down quickly and closed my eyes.  He spoke into my hair. “ Oh, Jesca. Our world is evolving. And, we must adapt and evolve as well. Do you feel the change in the atmosphere?”

I nod under his mouth still on my head. If I spoke, I knew my voice would crack.  I did.  Every day since the first vision with Sebastian,  I have been a  more conscious observer  of the changes in humanity and the climatic atmosphere.  Civil unrest, terrorist attacks, and just plain and simple insanity among civilians.   The ever shifting weather conditions globally, tsunamis spawned by earthquakes.  Tornados , hurricanes, and blizzards turning up in the most unlikely places geographically.  The world was definitely evolving; shifting and becoming something else. Something humanity had never experienced in its recorded past. It was all new changes that only those linked directly with the fellowship were savvy to.    The average news anchor, meteorologist, geologist, scientist, physician, senator, local government official, did not have a clue of what changes were coming.  And, the public was just living life without complete understanding of the shift that was inevitable and quickly approaching.   

He stopped and turned me to look at him.

“We have been given a great responsibility. And, God, I know it is overwhelming.  We have knowledge and understanding that puts us in the forefront of this battle. Understanding that we individually inherited at the exact moment in time we were meant to receive it. We are beyond the questions of how and why this is happening.  But one thing I am certain of in my heart is you Jesca.  There will come a time when you are asked to do something or be something you don’t think you can do or be.  Remember that you are being given the challenge from a greater place, from a greater being that knows your capabilities and capacity just as you have evolved to know things others do not.” 

I looked into his eyes and listened intently hearing  every word he spoke being saturated with compassion and love.

He love me.

Ezra pulled me into him.  The knot I held in my throat released and I gasped for air that turned into a low, but audible sob. “I love you Dad.”

He pulled me tighter. His lips were on my head. “Love you too.”

I blink the tears from  my eyes and toss the pillow from my chest.  I take a deep breath as I leave my room and walk down the hall to Ezra’s suite. 

The door is partially open.  I knock softly.

I hear Ezra call from within. “Come on  in Jes.  Just finished packing.” 

I walk in.  I had not been in his room since we moved in. To be honest, it looked pretty much the same as it did the first night I walked through the house.  There was one visible difference though.  I walked straight over to it.  An ant farm.  I grinned a little. “Friends of yours.”

I could feel his smile.  I turned to look at him. He was leaning against the master bathroom  doorway grinning; he remembers the last time we had a conversation about his hobby.  “Yes. Yes they are." The smile dissipates a little.  I don't know why though.  His face is serious when he asks, " Would you watch over them while I am gone?”

The question initially was simple. But as I think about it, his simple request is turning into something bearing an intense responsibility;  our new world.  My grin fades, but I do not shift my gaze from his. He is waiting for my answer.  My reply is simple, but weighs heavily on my heart because of what we are both implying now; humanity.  “Yes. I will watch over them.”

Ezra nods silently. He says, “Put out your hand.”

I put my hand out reluctantly with my palm open. My voice is filled with curiosity. A smile slyly,  “Why?”

Ezra places his closed fist above my hand and released a copper medallion on a chain into my palm.  The metal is cold at first, but quickly warms in my hand. I pull it closer to see the details of it. It is a device. The workings within the device are intricately crafted and  beautiful. I  ask, “What is this?”

Ezra puts his hands in his pockets. “ It is the first generation copula Jes. Sebastian asked me to give it to you.  He told me that this is your legacy now.

I sigh deeply and let those words really sink in as I continue studying the device.  My hand involuntarily moves to the nape of my neck, realizing that this device is within me. 

I quickly put the copula in my jeans pocket, turn,  and walk over to sit on the recliner near the bed. I question,  “How long until you update us with the mission’s progress? You know, tell us when we can join you in Massachusetts. ” 

Ezra lowers his head and smiles.  I know he realizes how good I have gotten with camouflaging my emotions lately.  He  walks over to sit on the bed and faces me.  “ I will contact you after I have  debriefed Xander.  It may take a while. It is not easy to know your existence has been altered and your reality is not what it seems.”  He looks nervous.

I put my hand on his. I smile at Ezra in hopes to relieve his tension. “Hey!  You did an alright job with me and I’m not half as easy going as Xander.”  Ezra, Xander will listen to you.”  

Ezra squeezes my hand and gives me a weak smile, but a smile still. 

He gets up from the bed.  “I will update you as soon as we are in route to Massachusetts.  A few days to a week.”  Ezra checks his pant and jacket pockets like he is forgetting something, but I know he isn’t. He is worried.  “Make sure and train daily. At least 2 hours a day…with Nate.  Don’t be out after dark without Nate.  Don’t go anywhere without Nate.”   He is anxious.  Anxious about me and Nate.

I rush across the room and pull him into an embrace to try take away the worry.

Ezra put his arms around my back. “Can’t help the protective father thing I guess.”

I smile.  “I sort of like the protective father thing.” 

We both pull away at the same time.   Ezra grabs his duffle bag and briefcase and looks at me. “Will call soon.”

I nod.  Ezra turns and leaves the room.  I turn around in the room slowly.  My eyes rest on the ant farm again.  I cross the room to the ants’ illuminated blue world.  I pluck it from the book shelf and carry it to my room. 

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Halloween! Guess what I will be!

Halloween is here!
So, Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I love the Fall, the cooler weather, the changing leaves, the pumpkin pie, the way the sun shines.  Yes, the sun does cast a different light on the world in Fall. It's subtle, but it is there. 
Halloween is your chance to  be someone or something else, even out of this world, for the night. And, maybe multiple nights if you milk the experience and attend other halloween events!  I did this very thing :).
Last night I helped host the Trunk or Treat Party at my church, Hillside Christian Church here in Amarillo, Texas! 
Can you guess what I am?  A book fairy! What kind of book fairy?  A Piercing the Fold book fairy of course.
The key ingredients to this costume: 
Piercing the Fold book
Duck Tape (clear, and patterned)
Laminating sheets (4)
3D glasses (recycling rocks)
I got this idea from Pinterest from Bookriot! Go visit to get the scoop on the process!  I added my own little touches though.
I hope everyone one has a safe and fun trick or treat! 

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Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 Teaser #2

Good morning! 
Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 Teaser #2.  Remember, this is raw and unedited. Small changes and adjustments may be made before publication. 

Surfacing the Rim: Book 2
by Venessa Kimball

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Ezra is sitting at the table reading the paper.  “Morning.”

I mumble, “Morning”, and head straight to the coffee machine.   I’m stirring creamer into my coffee when Nate walks in. His hair is still wet from the shower making it appear darker than it really was. I can’t help but think of him in the shower.  Ugh Jesca! I add more sweetener to my cup and stir rigorously to try and distract my drifting thoughts.   

Ezra asks,   “Nate, where were you?  Your door was open when I came by to find you this morning.”

Nate grabs the cereal from the cabinet and the milk from the refrigerator. I felt his eyes on me the whole time.  

“I went for a run. It was amazing.”

I look briefly over at Nate who is leaning against the counter top now.  Nate winks discretely at me. 

I quickly distract myself from Nate and work on fixing my coffee.

Ezra eyes are still glued to his paper.  “That is not breakfast Jesca.” 

 I quickly mix up my coffee, creamer, and sweetener and have a seat. “It is until I hear what you have to say Ezra.”

 Nate moves around  and sits next to me at the table.  

Ezra puts his paper down and looks up at me.

“You look terrible!”

I respond sarcastically. “Thanks so much . You say the nicest things dad!”

Ezra leans his arm on the table and props his chin on his hand. “Why haven’t you been telling me the visions are worsening.”

“Visions? More like nightmares.” I took a long sip of my coffee.

Nate interjects, “They are getting worse.”

I clear my throat and roll my eyes at Nate's comment. “Thanks Nate.”

“Sorry Jes, but Ezra needs to know.”  Nate’s eyes dart back to Ezra. “ They are becoming more intense and vivid.  They are premonitions aren’t they?”

Ezra’s eyes never left me.  “Yes, they are.  Jesca, with regular training, your abilities will get stronger.  Lucid dreaming, telepathy, Qi, astral projecting; all of your abilities are becoming stronger.  And their strength has spawned a hybrid.  Your telepathy and lucid dreaming are melding to create an outlet for these premonitions to come to you.”

I get up to refill my empty mug.  “Awesome.  Just perfect.”  

As I come back to the table, Ezra’s voice fills with worry. “Jes, you need to tell us what is going on in your visions.  They are premonitions, not just nightmares.  Your mother, Anna, had visions and premonitions of the future before she…”

Ezra stops speaking.  I turn to look at him.  His eyes are reddening and shining with fresh tears. 

He is right.  I can’t ignore these visions.  They are coming to me as our defense.  We need to use them.

“Our scientists have determined that our galaxy and Andromeda will collide and intersect without destroying us. However, that intersection brings on a whole new set of concerns. Chaos among the masses, world-wide governmental involvement at every level, revolt of the masses and factions by those against the invasion of our world by other beings and by those entering our world…the list goes on. That is just the beginning.  We will be in a world of chaos. And, we are the ones that inherited the purpose of keeping  it from destroying itself.  You Jesca, have abilities that will help us.”

I feel the weight of my purpose bearing down on me.  The nightmares, the visions, the abilities, they all have a purpose.  I really see that now.   Keeping them within, hidden may be our demise.   I reply with sincere intensity. I look from Nate to Ezra. “From here on, I will tell you both.”

Nate looks to Ezra. “So what’s going on?” 

He looks up at both of us.  “I’m leaving for a bit.”

I feel a knot form in my stomach instantly.

Without control, the words just spew from my dry mouth.  “What? Why? Where are you going?”

Nate sits back away from his cereal.  “What about our mission here?”

Ezra sighs. “Well, it appears our mission's objective has changed. I won’t be gone for long. There is something that needs to be done before I bring you and Jes on. ”

I look down remembering how our mission shifted that night. It had already been two months, but it seemed like yesterday that Sam escaped from us and took Corinna with him to be implanted.  Then Xander left.  Xander

I feel the weight of Nate’s eyes watching the reaction I will have to my thought about Xander.  I wiggle in my seat a little to try and shake his accusing gaze.

I refocus on Ezra.   I should be going with him. Not left behind to be babysat.  I shake my head and talk through my teeth.  “Are you following the mission's objective?”

Ezra is not looking at me or Nate any more.  He is looking down at his glasses that he is tapping on the table. “Yes. I am heading to Tennessee, then Massachusetts.  There are two guardians that are going to join us for this  mission.  You and Nate will meet us Massachusetts when everything is in place.”

I couldn’t believe what he was saying. Why wouldn’t we go with him?My anger is building by the second.  “Why would you go without me? Without us? Did you think I would be ok with that? You cannot go on your own.  What if you are attacked?  We can help you Ezra.”

Ezra stops tapping and looks at  Nate and I.  He shakes his head in frustration, having heard my thoughts.  Nate was being more discrete with his emotions, even though I could feel them building within him. 

Ezra, “I knew you both would not be alright with this! I knew you would want to come.  I need you to stay here while I collect the first guardian joining us.  He may be…resistant.   It’s complicated.”

Nate and I snicker in unison at the understatement.

I jeer him further.  “Please, do tell me how this can get any more complicated. This guardian, you said he may be resistant? Why?”

Ezra sighs and throws his glasses down in frustration and puts his face in his hands.  Ezra doesn’t do frustration. And, now he is definitely doing frustration. It scares the hell out of me. 

Ezra pulls his hands away, folds them, and rests them on the table.   He closes his eyes for a moment. When he opens them, he looks a little more collected. Ezra’s voice is even when he speaks.“Because I have to tell him something that he may not want to understand.” 

Ezra looks down. “Something you may not understand either.” 

The tension radiating from Ezra is so strong it takes my breath away. I lean onto the table and look directly into Ezra’s eyes. “ Ezra, the tension coming from you is like a ton of bricks sitting on my chest.  First you tell us you are leaving. Then, you tell us that you have to retrieve a guardian alone because he may resist? Now you are worried that we won’t understand.  Won’t understand what?”

Ezra breathes deeply and looks from Nate to me. “The implantation of the 2nd generation Copula.”

He holds up his iPhone. “A device similar to this was used prior to travel to send a surge of electricity directly to the Copula. The surge would act as a harness between the body’s copper and the Copula, while they worked together to open the wormhole. But this device wasn’t just a Copula defibrillator.  It had multiple purposes.”

Ezra continues. “It was a miniature computer.  This device recorded neurological and physical changes within the body during and after travel.   As protocol, after every travel Sebastian’s associates would pull the data collected to check for any changes or abnormalities. Across the board, the data showed  increased levels of copper in the implanted..  The levels of copper contributed to  alterations within the body, making the implanted superior. ”

Nate questions, “Superior? In what way superior?

Thoughts start firing in my head. Alterations  in the body making the implanted superior.   Alterations.

Ezra is speaking and his voice is filled with worry. I tune back in enough to hear him say, “physical strength and speed. Psychical abilities such as clairvoyance,  telepathy...” 

His mouth is moving, but I’m not listening anymore.  Are we implanted? I almost speak the words, but instead I shut my gapping mouth quickly.   Nate looks at me guardedly.  “Jes?”

Ezra gaze is focused on me. He is waiting for me to ask.

I won’t let the question sitting on the tip of my tongue leave my lips.  If I do, I will slip below the surface of  reality and sink into a sea of new truths that I will  have to resurface from.  I don’t know if I can handle that.  I don’t know if I will be able to  resurface once I hear the answer to the unspoken question lingering in the atmosphere. 

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It's here PtF fans! Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 Teaser #1

Feels like I haven't blogged in a while.  Alright, it has been a little over two weeks. :/
I have an excuse though. ;)   I have been steadily working on Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 of the Piercing the Fold series.  It has been addictive actually.  And, time seems to pass so quickly when I'm in the world of Piercing the Fold. 
Anyway, many fans are eager to see what I have up my sleeve for StR: Book 2.  And, I can not deny the awesome PtF fans what they want! :)    I have decided to start posting teasers of StR  as part of my blog.  Since I'm almost halfway done with StR, I need to catch up on the teasers.  I will try and post one every couple of days.
*  Keep in mind that these excerpts are  raw and unedited and some minor adjustments may be made between now and publication.  *

I hope you enjoy StR: Book 2 Teaser #1 :)

Surfacing the Rim: Book 2    TEASER #1
 Ezra grimaces realizing what needs to happen next.
“Jes and Nate are going to want to know why I am leaving town.”
Sebastian turns to Ezra.
“It is time they know everything.  They need to be prepared for what is coming.”
Ezra looks at Sebastian with intensity.  Ezra blows out his lip anticipating that Jesca may not forgive him for what he has kept from her again. Ezra lets out a low growl of frustration knowing he would get the third degree from both Jesca and Nate.Ignoring Ezra’s obvious frustration, Sebastian leads Ezra to the nearby sitting area.  Sebastian sits down on the chair and Ezra on the bench. 

Sebastian leans back and closes his eyes, letting the sun warm his face.  “Nate will be level headed about it.  Jesca will be mad and frustrated. Your intentions to protect her have always been pure at heart and she will realize this.  Telling young guardians what we are considering here is overwhelming and a reason to run, instead of staying and fighting. We both know that Jesca is different. She will stay and want to understand what is within her. Jesca’s abilities are just beginning to surface. She is treading lightly with them right now. As she practices and uses her abilities, she will accept them as her own.”

Sebastian opens his eyes and looks at Ezra. “You and I know that they have always been her own. The abilities that are innate within her can only be held at bay for so long.  Just as they were within Anna, they are within Jesca. Just as Anna fought for humanity, Jesca will fight.”
Ezra’s  looks at Sebastian. Tears well up in Ezra’s light brown eyes.
“Yes. She will fight until the very end. And, that is what I’m fearful of.”

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Piercing the Fold: Book 1 Giveaway Kits! Check it out on Facebook Page!

Working on some fun, creative stuff tonight for Piercing the Fold: Book 1 paperback winners!  I just wrapped up one giveaway and have just started another giveaway today!  The paperback giveaway kit includes some personally made bookmarks along with a personalized library card and a fold out card with sketches, renders, locations, and images that spurred the storyline of Piercing the Fold!  Come visit Piercing the Fold page on Facebook and Venessa Kimball Author on Facebook to get the scoop on how to win this fun and personalized kit!

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Piercing the Fold Series Update: Surfacing the Rim: Book 2

Good Morning,
Just a quick update on Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 of the PtF series.  I'm 20,000 words into Surfacing the Rim: Book 2.  I plan to finish drafting well before Thanksgiving as well as have a cover by then.  My cover work will be with K.C. Designs since she did an amazing job with PtF: Book 1's cover and book jacket as well as banner!  By end of January, I plan to have pre-order set up for StR: Book 2.   In January 2013, I will also be looking for people interested in ARCs (Advanced Readers Copies) to read prior to release and rate/review.  Bloggers and PtF fans are encouraged to take part! 
Think that catches us up to right now! 
Don't forget to take part in the PtF New Cover Launch Giveaway!  I am giving away 10 new cover paperback copies, signed as well as a PtF kit for the winners!  Come check out the details on Piercing the Fold fanpage on Facebook. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Piercing the Fold Book 1 - New Cover Launch Video!

So, the new PtF cover is launching October 1, 2012. And, I couldn't resist doing a new video to highlight the cover and banner that K.C. Designs created!  And, I also highlighted what a few of the readers are saying about Piercing the Fold Book 1. 


Click here  to watch :)

Monday, September 10, 2012


Piercing the Fold Ultimate Fan Drawing &Giveaway Challenge!

1. Get your kindle copy of Piercing the Fold Book 1 from Amazon (if you don't have a kindle, you can upload the Kindle App from Amazon to your PC for FREE, or upload kindle app to your iPhone, iPod)
2. Like PtF and Venessa Kimball Author fan pages on Facebook
3. Become a friend, and Fan, of Venessa Kimball on Goodreads. If you aren't part of Goodreads and you are a reader it is amazing how many great books you will find…join, it is free!
4. Read PtF, if you haven't already, and write a review for it on and Goodreads. Make sure to post your reviews to the PtF fanpage on FB and Share your review with your circle of friends!
5. Share PtF and Venessa Kimball Author fan page and this challenge/giveaway with as many friends as you can! FB share, Tweet, Linkedin, word of mouth! The more fandom, the more fun the challenge will be!

*When you have completed the challenge, message me on PtF fan page before Sept. 29, midnight, with your email address, so I can notify winners on October 1!

The drawing will be random. There will be 10 winners!
PtF Ultimate Fan Winners will receive a FREE copy of Piercing the Fold Book 1 sporting the NEW COVER before anyone else! Winners will be announced on FB as well as by email on October 1st.

DEADLINE for Challenge: September 29th, midnight!

New Cover for Piercing the Fold: Book 1

So excited to give you a sneek peek of PtF's new cover coming October 2012!  The makeover for the book will also include a more compact reformatting  too! In perfect time for the release of PtF's audiobook launch as well, October 2012!  Plan to do a giveaway for this new cover for a few lucky winners. Keep updated on PtF's fan page on FB to keep up with the giveaways and upcoming events!


Monday, August 27, 2012

In Depth Interview for Piercing the Fold with Daytime @9 in San Antonio.

Last Monday I had a fantastic interview with hostess, Kimberly Crawford on San Antonio's KABB Daytime @ 9 morning show.  We discussed Piercing the Fold, the audio book that is under production, as well as the release date of Book 2!
Take a peek!
V                                   Click Here

Friday, August 17, 2012

Piercing the Fold Audio Book Production and Casting is Under Way!

Hi Everyone,
Exciting News!  Piercing the Fold's audio book production is under way.  I am extremely excited about the studio I'm collaborating with on this project.  It is going to amazing. Another exciting bit of news...I will be releasing the new cover of Piercing the Fold with the audio book release in October! 
Take a look at the details below,

Texas Author’s Book Series, Piercing the Fold, is Picking Up Momentum and Audio Book Release Set for October 2012
  Venessa Kimball’s adult fiction and supernatural thriller Piercing the Fold Book 1 is gaining momentum with the public. With just over a month after publication under its belt, Piercing the Fold’s book sales, Kindle downloads, Facebook shares and reposts, tweets, and blogs have increased exponentially.
As of August 17, Piercing the Fold’s Kindle downloads through have exceeded 800 downloads with distribution both in the US and internationally. Piercing the Fold has been well-received with numerous 5 star reviews, stating this book is “gripping”, “haunting”, has a “compelling plot”, and “love at first sight” just to name a few. As for the author, Venessa Kimball has been called, “A bright new talent”.

The latest addition to Piercing the Fold's  production  is an audio book! The Piercing the Fold audio book is in production right now! The Sound Box Studio in San Antonio, Texas will be collaborating with the author throughout the development and production process. And, this one is going to be unique for the reader! There will be a mini-cast of readers that will embody the characters within the book. 

Venessa says, “The mini-cast will give the reader a movie-like experience as they listen to the characters voices interact.” Currently, auditions for the mini-cast are underway. The cast will be set by the end of next week. Then,  the real fun begins! The mini-cast will not be the only welcoming surprise for readers. Venessa is planning the release of Piercing the Fold’s new cover in paperback, Kindle copy , and audio book. Venessa says, “The new cover maintains the first covers mysterious feel, but adds more depth and symbolic features regarding the storyline! It is truly breath-taking and jaw-dropping. I am in love with this cover!” Both the new cover and audio book for Piercing the Fold will be released October 2012, in plenty of time for upcoming holiday gifting!




Thursday, August 16, 2012

Who's Who in Piercing the Fold. Take a Peek! NO SPOILERS!

So, I have had these characters running around in my head for a couple of years now.  The way they look, their idiosyncracies, the color of their eyes, their height, and  the depth of their emotions.  I have put together a glimpse of each of them for you on my website for you to take a peek.  NO SPOILERS HERE. So feel free to look before reading the book...might set the mood of a character for you as you read. 
Hope you enjoy,

If I Could Create a Soundtrack for Piercing the Fold... would most definitely encompass the textures and rhythms of these songs.  These are the songs that inspired the creativity and the wonder in Piercing the Fold's storyline, character development, and over all flow. 
When I was in high school, I was involved in the creative writing department.  The teacher that headed up our department was Mr. Larry Gries at John Marshall High School in San Antonio, Texas. I have one vivid memory of him playing different types of music while we wrote.  He introduced me to the techniques of using music to help evoke creative thought and wondering. 
When I started writing Piercing the Fold in November 2010, I started with music in the background.  These songs that I have put onto the Piercing the Fold Playlist to share with you.  On my website I have labeled specific scenes that I wrote while listening to that song. 
Thanks so much Mr. Gries...your teachings have not been forgotten after all of these years. 

I hope you enjoy the playlist as much as I have,

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Fine Balance of Being a Passionate Reader and Writer!

 I love reading others creations and writing my own creations.   Lately, I have been  struggling to put one down to do the other. It is possible, though it requires discipline.  As a reader, I see the formula the writer has intented for the flow of the storyline. The idiosyncracies each character has inherited from the writer's minds.  The setting ever so carefully painted with words for the reader to dive into.  I appreciate all of those things so much. And, it definitely makes me a writer that has higher expectations for my craft and finished projects.
 So, when I am sitting down to read a juicy book I no longer feel the pangs of guilt that I need to be working on my projects.  I am actually.  I tell myself, "this is research Venessa."  And, in a small way it is. I am observing the intricate details of each piece I read.  However,   in a big way, it is me getting lost in a writer's passion on paper :)


Friday, August 3, 2012

The University of Texas at Austin: The Alcalde Magazine will be doing a review for Piercing the Fold!

Quick announcement!  The University of Texas at Austin's alumni magazine, The Alcalde, will be doing a book review for Piercing the Fold.  It will hopefully be in the Nov/Dec or Jan/Feb issue!  Being a Alumni and a Texas Ex,   I am so humbled that my university will be doing a review! Hook'em Horns!

Good Morning Amarillo! KAMR Today In AMA Morning Show Interview

Good Morning,
Today was my first morning show interview for Piercing the Fold.  No jitters, which was good.  Would have loved a longer segment. But, I was able to promote the two Amarillo book signings at Hastings, which was great!  Excited for tonight's and next Friday's signings from 5-7 at Hastings in AMA.  And, Monday is round #2 of morning shows for Piercing the Fold.  ProNews 7 will be interviewing me as well.


Click to Watch Today in Amarillo Morning Show for Piercing the Fold

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Radio Interview AMA for Piercing The Fold. Listen Here!

Good Morning,
My first radio interview for Piercing the Fold was fantastic!  Have a listen right here by clicking the link below.  This interview was for Cumulus Broadcasting in Amarillo, Texas!
Thanks for listening,


Piercing the Fold in the news in Austin, Texas!

Thank you Four Points News for the article!  To think I was wrapping up the final draft of Piercing the Fold and working on the outlines for book 2 and book 3 of this series a year ago in my cul-de-sac of Steiner Ranch, watching my 3 kiddos playing with neighborhood friends. 

Book People, an independent book seller in Austin, will be carrying Piercing the Fold in a few weeks.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bookmarkers for Piercing the Fold

I find that as I get nervous or anxious about something ( upcoming interviews for Piercing the Fold), I tend to get myself busy with anything and everything that is crafty.  Latest crafty work has been on bookmarkers for Piercing the Fold.  They turned out great. Thank you Office Max on Soncy!  I designed them and they printed them ever so quickly.  Planning to have them at all the upcoming signings as well as distribute to some of the local book stores to get the word out!  Love the colors :).


Monday, July 30, 2012

August is a BIG media month for Piercing the Fold!

As you can see below (Upcoming Events for Piercing the Fold), August is going to be busy.  This calendar doesn't include trying to get a 10, 8, and 4 year old ready for school in a couple of weeks! 

It is a fantastic busy though!  I get to tell pockets of the world about Piercing the Fold. 

Tonight, I went for a long walk.  My agenda was to get some exercise in while I thought on what I was going to tell said pockets of the world starting August 1st with my first radio spot interview here in Amarillo (FM). 

 Oh, and any loose ends with kiddos prep for school list!

As far as the 3 little chickadees being ready for a new school year in a couple of weeks? I am so glad I have been given the gift of being a planner... School supplies, back packs, lunch boxes, immunization, all the little things, done last week..YES!

Now, for the task at hand.  As I listened to Silver Sun Pickups, Metric, Joy Formidable, and old school Talking Heads, a mock Piercing the Fold interview starts flowing in my mind. I had to get this down... What is a girl to do without a pen and paper?  iphone it!  45 minutes later and a couple hundred calories lighter, I have my interview points on my phone and ingrained in my mind.  And, I am so amped to share Piercing the Fold with the world.


Upcoming Events

DateCity, StateVenueEvent
Aug 3, 2012
6:00 AM
Amarillo, Today in Amarillo Morning Show Today in Amarillo Morning Show - KAMR 4 Fox 14 Interview Venessa Kimball, author of Piercing the Fold.  
Aug 3, 2012
5:00 PM
AMARILLO, TX Hastings Hastings Store- Meet and Sign- Book Signing for Piercing the Fold   
Aug 6, 2012
6:00 AM
AMARILLO, TX KVII TV Station KVII- ProNews 7 Daybreak Morning Show - Interview the author, Venessa Kimball. Piercing the Fold   
Aug 10, 2012
5:00 PM
AMARILLO, TX Hastings Entertainment Hastings Store- Meet and Sign- Piercing the Fold booksigning with author, Venessa Kimball   
Aug 20, 2012
9:00 AM
San Antonio, TX KABB FOX 29 KABB Fox 29 Daytime @ 9 Morning Show- Interview with author, Venessa Kimball. Discuss Piercing the...   
Aug 20, 2012
5:00 PM
SAN ANTONIO, TX The Twig Book Shop The Twig Book Shop- Meet and Sign, book signing with Venessa Kimball, Piercing the Fold