Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dear Literary Agent: On pitching my first book to literary agents everywhere

Thank you so much for your continued following and support of my writing. I so appreciate your support and any feedback!

Book 1, Piercing the Fold, is done and I am sending out my sales pitch to literary agents and agencies high and low. Most publishing houses want manuscripts from agents, hence the reason for me finding one. Don't want to go the self-publishing route as of yet.
Building a query letter let me reflect on this book's backbone and what I wanted it to represent to the reader, which can easily be forgotten after 80,000 plus words. It also gave me a head start on what the back cover synopsis of my book could resemble.
So, here is the sales pitch for my novel.

Dear Fabulous Agent,

Jesca Gershon is a sophomore at Bernau University in Gainesville Georgia. She has an agenda for every aspect of her life. Everything seemed to be going perfect. Until her adolescent nightmares began to resurface. With frequency, vividness, and the ability to terrorize her the nightmares begin to find their way out of Jesca’s dream world and into the real one! Dark looming auras, distorted beings, and her possession of unnatural physical and mental abilities are seeping into her seemingly well-planned reality. Is she going crazy? Or, is she being thrust head first into an alternate reality where the intangible is becoming real?
At the peak of Jesca’s mental breaking point, she confides in her professor, Ezra Kahn. This is not without consequence. Unforeseen by Jesca, Ezra is the bearer of a revelation: exposing her irrevocable role that must be claimed to save our world and the humanity within it. Jesca begins her quest; being catapulted into a slant of this world that she could have never imagined existing until now.
Piercing the Fold is a Science Fiction Young Adult (YA) novel. It is complete at 80,631 words. It is book 1 of a 3 book series. It is a cross between The Host by Stephanie Meyers and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It is a story of the personal journey of discovery and growth, love and friendship, leaps of faith and conviction that an individual’s purpose can have great enough bearing to change the divine blueprint of the universe. The combination of physics and metaphysical concepts drive the science fiction uniqueness of this story. The content teeters on being possible within our reality with recent scientific exploration, theories, and discoveries in current news. The interest of the reader is piqued because of the link between these scientific discoveries plausible bearing on the existence of our physical world and the human lives on it.
I am actively writing the second book of this series, Surfacing the Rim, due for completion in Summer of 2012. The third installment, Transcending the Seam, will be due for a December 2012 completion date.
I have enjoyed writing creatively all of my life. From my middle school years of writing in the school newspaper to my high school years of being published for poetry, I have always found passion and the ability to lose myself in the written word. After years of being a 7th grade Language Arts teacher in Austin, Texas, a Texas Realtor for the last 6 years, a wife, and mother of 3 young children, and an avid reader, I finally have the opportunity to go back to my writing roots and create with passion. Having completed my first novel, and knowing the process, it will not be my last. I currently reside in Amarillo, Texas with my husband and 3 energetic children.
I am sending this query letter on multiple submissions.
Thank you for your generous time. I look forward to hearing from you.
Venessa Kimball : (512) 289.7534

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