Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Indie Publishing...I'm going for it! Game on!

I have been doing my research for the past 2 months. I have watched and observed recent authors, both independent and under a publisher/press. I have been reading their books. I must say that I am just as impressed with the indie authors as I am with some of the New York Times Best Sellers authors under large publisher representation. I am also surprised at the editing issues I have found in the large publisher represented author's books. A couple of authors have caught my eye and have inspired my game plan.
Yes, writing a book is amazing. But once it is finished, as a writer, you want to get it out there! "Do not go gentle into that good night"- Dylan Thomas
The Game Plan needs to cover editing, formatting, publishing, distribution through ebook and paperback, marketing, a seller sheet, giveaways, blogging, book trailer (video), website ...and the list goes on.
At first glance, I was intimidated. Then I sat back and realized that I have an extraordinary adventure upon me! I'm ready for the adventure. I have started the book trailer and my website and will have them both ready within a week. The final editing is almost complete. Book cover graphic ready to format. And, publication and distribution is only weeks away! The marketing? Well, after selling homes in Austin, Texas as a Realtor for 6+ years, and having a extremely supportive husband with a bachelor's in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin, I am amped to see what creative and innovative marketing our heads can come up with!
Game is on!
Side note, had to post pictures of this ant farm my daughter, Lauren, received from her grampy! I watch them daily. It is a reminder of Jesca and Ezra's encounter on campus from Piercing the Fold book 1. A reminder that I can't let go of these characters until they are out there, being shared with readers everywhere. In turn, a reminder that I must keep pushing on and climbing!

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