Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day, PIERCING THE FOLD as an Independent Author

It is surreal. Piercing the Fold has been released as my first independently published novel. It is available on for paperback! And, as of this morning, it is available on Kindle for $2.99!.
It has been a long road. One that I enjoyed every minute of. I have received such support from my family and dear friends.
I have to reflect on the fact that it is Independence Day! Happy 4th of July!
Independence reaches so deeply in each of us. Today, it personally reaches me as an Indpenedent Author. The fact that I am able, with the help of entities in the US, to independently reach through promotion, publication, and word of mouth, thousands of people with my written word is surreal! To know the written word is banned STILL in so many countries around our world is mind-boggling to me.
I am a very proud woman today...elated!
I so hope you enjoy your read of Piercing the Fold. The characters have lived in my mind for just over 2 years. And, half of their story isn't even completely told yet. (Yes, book 2 is being drafted)
It plays in my mind like a movie! Yes, sounds cliche, but very true! Thank God for blessing writers with good imaginations and a passion for sharing their imaginations, right!
Enjoy, enjoy. Get lost in the book:).
Do check out the trailer for the release, right here on the blog.
Happy 4th and be safe!

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