Friday, July 20, 2012

Latest Version Of Piercing the Fold Available in Kindle and Paperback!

Quick update. Latest version of Piercing the Fold is available on Kindle.   If you have bought the old version (with typos and formatting issues), you will receive an email alert of the lastest available version.  You can opt YES to receive the latest version with no additional charge...please do this.  I spent about 20 hours over the past 3 days scouring the book for small inconsistencies and typos. I have pretty much caught them; for a self-editor, which is a tough task. 

For those that are buying Piercing the Fold in Kindle now, you will receive the latest version right off. 
Paperback has about a 5 day lag, so if you want the latest version in paperback, you will need to wait at least a week.  I will update my blog when the latest version is up and ready!


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  1. I am trying to get Piercing The Fold Kindle edition for my daughter, but says it is currently not available. Do you know another way that I can get this for her?