Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Listening to the Audience After Publishing Piercing the Fold

Since publishing Piercing the Fold on July 3, 2012, I have been blessed with the book being well received by its audience of readers.  I have received reviews that validate the storyline I wanted to get across to the audience . I am excited to get more feedback, critiques, and comments from my audience. 

 Please don't be discouraged if this review will be your first.  I have had some readers say, "Well, this is my first review so if I say something you don't like...". 
I quickly stop them and tell them that everyone needs to start somewhere and their candid and raw review would of Piercing the Fold is all I would ever want in a review.  That candid and rawness is what makes that review genuine...and I so appreciate those. 
That goes for both the good and the bad reviews, not just the good.  I know there are going to be both. 

So, listening to the audience. I do! One review (Charlie) indicated some typos.  I knew there would be some.  So, what did I do?  I am going back through the book right now, making small editing corrections.  I plan to have them fixed and ready for redistribution by the end of this week! Luckily, since I self-published and have a print on demand book, I can make those adjustments to help my audience have a better experience. 

On that note, I look forward to more reviews!!! Make sure you post your review to Amazon after you finish the book!  Those reviews are so important to the readers browsing for a book as well as for the author that wants readers to have an amazing experience getting lost in her books! ;)
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