Friday, July 6, 2012

Piercing the Fold on iPod, iPad through Kindle App

I have always used my Kindle Fire rather than iPad or iPhone for reading. But, I wanted to see how easy the process of uploading the Kindle App from the Apple Store actually was. Super easy!! Just needed to make sure I linked my Amazon account to the Kindle App once downloaded. When I purchased Piercing the Fold on the iPad for my husband to read, all I had to do is designate which device I wanted it to go to. That was it! I uploaded Piercing the Fold to my iphone as well to see how it looked. Thought it would be difficult to see the words. Not so! You can change the font to suit your visual needs. It is truly amazing what these Apps can do!

On another note, I am having the Kindle version of Piercing the Fold's formatting revised to flow better. As a reader, it is bothersome to have a chapter start mid-page; HTML stuff that I know very little about. I'm hoping for it to be resolved within a couple of weeks.


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