Saturday, July 21, 2012

Piercing the Fold on Kindlegraph! Make Sure and Request a Signing!

Kindlegraph?  Yes, Kindlegraph.  Many times over the past couple of years that Kindles have become common in households, I have wondered, "What do authors do at signings for those Kindlers." 
Well, I stumbled upon Kindlegraph last week. It is quite amazing.  My kindlegraph is a true signature, rather than the script signature that they also have as an option. And, I am able to add inscriptions as well. 
"How does the Kindler receive the Kindlegraph?"  It is in pdf form and can be displayed on your Kindle. 
"What if you are using another device to supplement a Kindle since you do not own a Kindle?" Like an app on iPad, iPod, or iPhone.  My understanding through the explanation of the website is that you don't have to own a Kindle. You can still request kindlegraphs from your favorite authors and receive it as a pdf still! 

Many people still love the feeling a paperback, harcover book with inked inscription and signature...I know I do! But, if it is not possible to see this author at a signing, isn't it ingenius to bring this type of technology into the mix to bring a more personal experience between the author and reader?  I would say a be YES! 
Thank you Kindlegraph for bringing the author and readers together through Kindle!

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