Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Fine Balance of Being a Passionate Reader and Writer!

 I love reading others creations and writing my own creations.   Lately, I have been  struggling to put one down to do the other. It is possible, though it requires discipline.  As a reader, I see the formula the writer has intented for the flow of the storyline. The idiosyncracies each character has inherited from the writer's minds.  The setting ever so carefully painted with words for the reader to dive into.  I appreciate all of those things so much. And, it definitely makes me a writer that has higher expectations for my craft and finished projects.
 So, when I am sitting down to read a juicy book I no longer feel the pangs of guilt that I need to be working on my projects.  I am actually.  I tell myself, "this is research Venessa."  And, in a small way it is. I am observing the intricate details of each piece I read.  However,   in a big way, it is me getting lost in a writer's passion on paper :)


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