Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's here PtF fans! Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 Teaser #1

Feels like I haven't blogged in a while.  Alright, it has been a little over two weeks. :/
I have an excuse though. ;)   I have been steadily working on Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 of the Piercing the Fold series.  It has been addictive actually.  And, time seems to pass so quickly when I'm in the world of Piercing the Fold. 
Anyway, many fans are eager to see what I have up my sleeve for StR: Book 2.  And, I can not deny the awesome PtF fans what they want! :)    I have decided to start posting teasers of StR  as part of my blog.  Since I'm almost halfway done with StR, I need to catch up on the teasers.  I will try and post one every couple of days.
*  Keep in mind that these excerpts are  raw and unedited and some minor adjustments may be made between now and publication.  *

I hope you enjoy StR: Book 2 Teaser #1 :)

Surfacing the Rim: Book 2    TEASER #1
 Ezra grimaces realizing what needs to happen next.
“Jes and Nate are going to want to know why I am leaving town.”
Sebastian turns to Ezra.
“It is time they know everything.  They need to be prepared for what is coming.”
Ezra looks at Sebastian with intensity.  Ezra blows out his lip anticipating that Jesca may not forgive him for what he has kept from her again. Ezra lets out a low growl of frustration knowing he would get the third degree from both Jesca and Nate.Ignoring Ezra’s obvious frustration, Sebastian leads Ezra to the nearby sitting area.  Sebastian sits down on the chair and Ezra on the bench. 

Sebastian leans back and closes his eyes, letting the sun warm his face.  “Nate will be level headed about it.  Jesca will be mad and frustrated. Your intentions to protect her have always been pure at heart and she will realize this.  Telling young guardians what we are considering here is overwhelming and a reason to run, instead of staying and fighting. We both know that Jesca is different. She will stay and want to understand what is within her. Jesca’s abilities are just beginning to surface. She is treading lightly with them right now. As she practices and uses her abilities, she will accept them as her own.”

Sebastian opens his eyes and looks at Ezra. “You and I know that they have always been her own. The abilities that are innate within her can only be held at bay for so long.  Just as they were within Anna, they are within Jesca. Just as Anna fought for humanity, Jesca will fight.”
Ezra’s  looks at Sebastian. Tears well up in Ezra’s light brown eyes.
“Yes. She will fight until the very end. And, that is what I’m fearful of.”

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