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Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 Teaser #2

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Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 Teaser #2.  Remember, this is raw and unedited. Small changes and adjustments may be made before publication. 

Surfacing the Rim: Book 2
by Venessa Kimball

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Ezra is sitting at the table reading the paper.  “Morning.”

I mumble, “Morning”, and head straight to the coffee machine.   I’m stirring creamer into my coffee when Nate walks in. His hair is still wet from the shower making it appear darker than it really was. I can’t help but think of him in the shower.  Ugh Jesca! I add more sweetener to my cup and stir rigorously to try and distract my drifting thoughts.   

Ezra asks,   “Nate, where were you?  Your door was open when I came by to find you this morning.”

Nate grabs the cereal from the cabinet and the milk from the refrigerator. I felt his eyes on me the whole time.  

“I went for a run. It was amazing.”

I look briefly over at Nate who is leaning against the counter top now.  Nate winks discretely at me. 

I quickly distract myself from Nate and work on fixing my coffee.

Ezra eyes are still glued to his paper.  “That is not breakfast Jesca.” 

 I quickly mix up my coffee, creamer, and sweetener and have a seat. “It is until I hear what you have to say Ezra.”

 Nate moves around  and sits next to me at the table.  

Ezra puts his paper down and looks up at me.

“You look terrible!”

I respond sarcastically. “Thanks so much . You say the nicest things dad!”

Ezra leans his arm on the table and props his chin on his hand. “Why haven’t you been telling me the visions are worsening.”

“Visions? More like nightmares.” I took a long sip of my coffee.

Nate interjects, “They are getting worse.”

I clear my throat and roll my eyes at Nate's comment. “Thanks Nate.”

“Sorry Jes, but Ezra needs to know.”  Nate’s eyes dart back to Ezra. “ They are becoming more intense and vivid.  They are premonitions aren’t they?”

Ezra’s eyes never left me.  “Yes, they are.  Jesca, with regular training, your abilities will get stronger.  Lucid dreaming, telepathy, Qi, astral projecting; all of your abilities are becoming stronger.  And their strength has spawned a hybrid.  Your telepathy and lucid dreaming are melding to create an outlet for these premonitions to come to you.”

I get up to refill my empty mug.  “Awesome.  Just perfect.”  

As I come back to the table, Ezra’s voice fills with worry. “Jes, you need to tell us what is going on in your visions.  They are premonitions, not just nightmares.  Your mother, Anna, had visions and premonitions of the future before she…”

Ezra stops speaking.  I turn to look at him.  His eyes are reddening and shining with fresh tears. 

He is right.  I can’t ignore these visions.  They are coming to me as our defense.  We need to use them.

“Our scientists have determined that our galaxy and Andromeda will collide and intersect without destroying us. However, that intersection brings on a whole new set of concerns. Chaos among the masses, world-wide governmental involvement at every level, revolt of the masses and factions by those against the invasion of our world by other beings and by those entering our world…the list goes on. That is just the beginning.  We will be in a world of chaos. And, we are the ones that inherited the purpose of keeping  it from destroying itself.  You Jesca, have abilities that will help us.”

I feel the weight of my purpose bearing down on me.  The nightmares, the visions, the abilities, they all have a purpose.  I really see that now.   Keeping them within, hidden may be our demise.   I reply with sincere intensity. I look from Nate to Ezra. “From here on, I will tell you both.”

Nate looks to Ezra. “So what’s going on?” 

He looks up at both of us.  “I’m leaving for a bit.”

I feel a knot form in my stomach instantly.

Without control, the words just spew from my dry mouth.  “What? Why? Where are you going?”

Nate sits back away from his cereal.  “What about our mission here?”

Ezra sighs. “Well, it appears our mission's objective has changed. I won’t be gone for long. There is something that needs to be done before I bring you and Jes on. ”

I look down remembering how our mission shifted that night. It had already been two months, but it seemed like yesterday that Sam escaped from us and took Corinna with him to be implanted.  Then Xander left.  Xander

I feel the weight of Nate’s eyes watching the reaction I will have to my thought about Xander.  I wiggle in my seat a little to try and shake his accusing gaze.

I refocus on Ezra.   I should be going with him. Not left behind to be babysat.  I shake my head and talk through my teeth.  “Are you following the mission's objective?”

Ezra is not looking at me or Nate any more.  He is looking down at his glasses that he is tapping on the table. “Yes. I am heading to Tennessee, then Massachusetts.  There are two guardians that are going to join us for this  mission.  You and Nate will meet us Massachusetts when everything is in place.”

I couldn’t believe what he was saying. Why wouldn’t we go with him?My anger is building by the second.  “Why would you go without me? Without us? Did you think I would be ok with that? You cannot go on your own.  What if you are attacked?  We can help you Ezra.”

Ezra stops tapping and looks at  Nate and I.  He shakes his head in frustration, having heard my thoughts.  Nate was being more discrete with his emotions, even though I could feel them building within him. 

Ezra, “I knew you both would not be alright with this! I knew you would want to come.  I need you to stay here while I collect the first guardian joining us.  He may be…resistant.   It’s complicated.”

Nate and I snicker in unison at the understatement.

I jeer him further.  “Please, do tell me how this can get any more complicated. This guardian, you said he may be resistant? Why?”

Ezra sighs and throws his glasses down in frustration and puts his face in his hands.  Ezra doesn’t do frustration. And, now he is definitely doing frustration. It scares the hell out of me. 

Ezra pulls his hands away, folds them, and rests them on the table.   He closes his eyes for a moment. When he opens them, he looks a little more collected. Ezra’s voice is even when he speaks.“Because I have to tell him something that he may not want to understand.” 

Ezra looks down. “Something you may not understand either.” 

The tension radiating from Ezra is so strong it takes my breath away. I lean onto the table and look directly into Ezra’s eyes. “ Ezra, the tension coming from you is like a ton of bricks sitting on my chest.  First you tell us you are leaving. Then, you tell us that you have to retrieve a guardian alone because he may resist? Now you are worried that we won’t understand.  Won’t understand what?”

Ezra breathes deeply and looks from Nate to me. “The implantation of the 2nd generation Copula.”

He holds up his iPhone. “A device similar to this was used prior to travel to send a surge of electricity directly to the Copula. The surge would act as a harness between the body’s copper and the Copula, while they worked together to open the wormhole. But this device wasn’t just a Copula defibrillator.  It had multiple purposes.”

Ezra continues. “It was a miniature computer.  This device recorded neurological and physical changes within the body during and after travel.   As protocol, after every travel Sebastian’s associates would pull the data collected to check for any changes or abnormalities. Across the board, the data showed  increased levels of copper in the implanted..  The levels of copper contributed to  alterations within the body, making the implanted superior. ”

Nate questions, “Superior? In what way superior?

Thoughts start firing in my head. Alterations  in the body making the implanted superior.   Alterations.

Ezra is speaking and his voice is filled with worry. I tune back in enough to hear him say, “physical strength and speed. Psychical abilities such as clairvoyance,  telepathy...” 

His mouth is moving, but I’m not listening anymore.  Are we implanted? I almost speak the words, but instead I shut my gapping mouth quickly.   Nate looks at me guardedly.  “Jes?”

Ezra gaze is focused on me. He is waiting for me to ask.

I won’t let the question sitting on the tip of my tongue leave my lips.  If I do, I will slip below the surface of  reality and sink into a sea of new truths that I will  have to resurface from.  I don’t know if I can handle that.  I don’t know if I will be able to  resurface once I hear the answer to the unspoken question lingering in the atmosphere. 

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