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Teaser Tuesday! Here is Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 Teaser # 3

Happy StR Teaser Tuesday! 

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from StR: Book 2.  You are in for a treat :). 
*Remember, this is raw and unedited.  Adjustments to this excerpt may occur between now and publication in March 2013.*

Surfacing the Rim: Book 2
Venessa Kimball

After Nate’s and my moment in the kitchen, I needed to collect myself before seeing my father.  I head  to my room to breathe for a few minutes.  I lie down on my bed and hug my pillow to my chest.

 My father.

It was still very strange to call him that.  I mean, I only discovered that he was my dad two months ago.  And, if you look at the circumstances we have been under,  father – daughter bonding has not been at the top of the list. Still, we have had some moments.  One day last week Nate and I were training on the beach.  We were running sprints up and down the beach to start.  We worked on interlinking  our abilities. Nate’s individual abilities are Latrosis;  healing others with his inner energy. Telepathy; reading others thoughts. Physical speed and strength. After our talk with Ezra earlier, we now know that our abilities are an advantageous perk of our Copula implantations.

My individual abilities are not as cut and dry.  As Ezra has told me, my abilities have evolved from singular abilities  to combinations of  abilities.  Why? We really don’t know.  I have Telepathy just as Nate. I also possess the physical speed and strength.  Ushering; the ability to compel someone to react or act in a specific manner.  Qi; vital inner energy that circulates within a person and outside of the person in flowing currents.  It turned out that the creepy vibrations within me and the humming noises I hear happen when my inner life force alerting me to impending danger.  Astral Projection, or what Ezra has coined  as “jumping”;  the ability of a person’s soul to travel out of the body to another place or plane of existence. That took me a while to understand.  But, I figured out that my Qi was connected to “jumping”. This is one of the mutated  abilities Ezra was fascinated with while we were still in the facility. Yet another ability, lucid dreaming, is one being aware they are in a dream state. The dreams are more vision like, a form of communication.  Sebastian has visited me in a lucid dream recently.  Since that visit, Sebastian was able to connect with my mind enough to see that a new, emerging ability for me is clairvoyance. The ability to see the future I see them through visions while I’m unconscious.  After Sebastian spoke to  Ezra about this,  they quickly came to the conclusion that  my lucid dreaming,  astral projecting, and clairvoyance are evolving and mutating  to make me more adaptable and  resilient for what is to come. And, now I know that all of this stems from the implanted Copula within me. 

Nate and I got hot and decided to jump into the water to cool off after the 2 hour session.  Ezra came down to the beach from the house.  Nate and I swam to shore.  As we exited the water and grabbed our towels, Nate spoke.  “What’s up Ezra? Everything alright?” 

Ezra had his arms crossed over his chest. He wasn’t angry.  He had a peaceful look on his face. “Everything is fine. Uh, Nate.  Go ahead in. Jes and I are going to talk for a bit.”

Nate and I looked at each other briefly. Ezra was a subtle as a flying brick.  But, I could feel he was feeling  sentimental about something.  I interjected to end  the uncomfortable  silence.  “Uh, yeah.  I needed to  talk with you too.  I will catch up with you later this morning Nate.  We can ride into the store together, ok? ”

Nate looked at Ezra, who was still standing stoically, gazing over our heads at the rolling waves.  Nate looked back at me and smiled.  “See you in a bit.”  Nate grabbed his shirt from the ground and jogged up to the house.  I couldn’t help but give in to the temptation of my gaze following his movement up to the villa. 

Ezra pulled me to him by the shoulder and we started walking down the beach.

 I rolled my eyes a little at his obvious attempt at pulling me from my Nate distraction.  “What’s going on pop!” 

I looked up to see him grin. “Oh, not much daughter.  Just wanted  some time with you minus Nate.” 

We walked silently for a while.  Ezra spoke nervously. “Jes.  When you were training just now with Nate… I thought of  our mother.  She was strong like you.  She was full of life.  She too had abilities that were beginning to evolve when she.” He stopped short.  He pulled my shoulder tighter to himself now and placed his mouth on my head.  At first, I was shocked.  Ezra was not an affectionate guy.  He would give me hugs and pats on the back. But, he had not attempted this type of father instinct before.  I felt myself get a little choked  up with his gesture.  I swallowed it down quickly and closed my eyes.  He spoke into my hair. “ Oh, Jesca. Our world is evolving. And, we must adapt and evolve as well. Do you feel the change in the atmosphere?”

I nod under his mouth still on my head. If I spoke, I knew my voice would crack.  I did.  Every day since the first vision with Sebastian,  I have been a  more conscious observer  of the changes in humanity and the climatic atmosphere.  Civil unrest, terrorist attacks, and just plain and simple insanity among civilians.   The ever shifting weather conditions globally, tsunamis spawned by earthquakes.  Tornados , hurricanes, and blizzards turning up in the most unlikely places geographically.  The world was definitely evolving; shifting and becoming something else. Something humanity had never experienced in its recorded past. It was all new changes that only those linked directly with the fellowship were savvy to.    The average news anchor, meteorologist, geologist, scientist, physician, senator, local government official, did not have a clue of what changes were coming.  And, the public was just living life without complete understanding of the shift that was inevitable and quickly approaching.   

He stopped and turned me to look at him.

“We have been given a great responsibility. And, God, I know it is overwhelming.  We have knowledge and understanding that puts us in the forefront of this battle. Understanding that we individually inherited at the exact moment in time we were meant to receive it. We are beyond the questions of how and why this is happening.  But one thing I am certain of in my heart is you Jesca.  There will come a time when you are asked to do something or be something you don’t think you can do or be.  Remember that you are being given the challenge from a greater place, from a greater being that knows your capabilities and capacity just as you have evolved to know things others do not.” 

I looked into his eyes and listened intently hearing  every word he spoke being saturated with compassion and love.

He love me.

Ezra pulled me into him.  The knot I held in my throat released and I gasped for air that turned into a low, but audible sob. “I love you Dad.”

He pulled me tighter. His lips were on my head. “Love you too.”

I blink the tears from  my eyes and toss the pillow from my chest.  I take a deep breath as I leave my room and walk down the hall to Ezra’s suite. 

The door is partially open.  I knock softly.

I hear Ezra call from within. “Come on  in Jes.  Just finished packing.” 

I walk in.  I had not been in his room since we moved in. To be honest, it looked pretty much the same as it did the first night I walked through the house.  There was one visible difference though.  I walked straight over to it.  An ant farm.  I grinned a little. “Friends of yours.”

I could feel his smile.  I turned to look at him. He was leaning against the master bathroom  doorway grinning; he remembers the last time we had a conversation about his hobby.  “Yes. Yes they are." The smile dissipates a little.  I don't know why though.  His face is serious when he asks, " Would you watch over them while I am gone?”

The question initially was simple. But as I think about it, his simple request is turning into something bearing an intense responsibility;  our new world.  My grin fades, but I do not shift my gaze from his. He is waiting for my answer.  My reply is simple, but weighs heavily on my heart because of what we are both implying now; humanity.  “Yes. I will watch over them.”

Ezra nods silently. He says, “Put out your hand.”

I put my hand out reluctantly with my palm open. My voice is filled with curiosity. A smile slyly,  “Why?”

Ezra places his closed fist above my hand and released a copper medallion on a chain into my palm.  The metal is cold at first, but quickly warms in my hand. I pull it closer to see the details of it. It is a device. The workings within the device are intricately crafted and  beautiful. I  ask, “What is this?”

Ezra puts his hands in his pockets. “ It is the first generation copula Jes. Sebastian asked me to give it to you.  He told me that this is your legacy now.

I sigh deeply and let those words really sink in as I continue studying the device.  My hand involuntarily moves to the nape of my neck, realizing that this device is within me. 

I quickly put the copula in my jeans pocket, turn,  and walk over to sit on the recliner near the bed. I question,  “How long until you update us with the mission’s progress? You know, tell us when we can join you in Massachusetts. ” 

Ezra lowers his head and smiles.  I know he realizes how good I have gotten with camouflaging my emotions lately.  He  walks over to sit on the bed and faces me.  “ I will contact you after I have  debriefed Xander.  It may take a while. It is not easy to know your existence has been altered and your reality is not what it seems.”  He looks nervous.

I put my hand on his. I smile at Ezra in hopes to relieve his tension. “Hey!  You did an alright job with me and I’m not half as easy going as Xander.”  Ezra, Xander will listen to you.”  

Ezra squeezes my hand and gives me a weak smile, but a smile still. 

He gets up from the bed.  “I will update you as soon as we are in route to Massachusetts.  A few days to a week.”  Ezra checks his pant and jacket pockets like he is forgetting something, but I know he isn’t. He is worried.  “Make sure and train daily. At least 2 hours a day…with Nate.  Don’t be out after dark without Nate.  Don’t go anywhere without Nate.”   He is anxious.  Anxious about me and Nate.

I rush across the room and pull him into an embrace to try take away the worry.

Ezra put his arms around my back. “Can’t help the protective father thing I guess.”

I smile.  “I sort of like the protective father thing.” 

We both pull away at the same time.   Ezra grabs his duffle bag and briefcase and looks at me. “Will call soon.”

I nod.  Ezra turns and leaves the room.  I turn around in the room slowly.  My eyes rest on the ant farm again.  I cross the room to the ants’ illuminated blue world.  I pluck it from the book shelf and carry it to my room. 

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