Friday, July 13, 2012

B&N, Hastings, Book People, Twig...Pick up Piercing the Fold!

This week has been spent sending media kits and press releases to newspapers here in Amarillo, in Austin my adopted hometown, and San Antonio my birth hometown. ( I know, sounds silly.You would understand if you lived in Austin...awesome.).
We will see what comes of my contacts in possibly getting and interview or features spot for Piercing the Fold.
I am ending the week with working on distribution channels. Barnes and Nobles eventualy picks up my novel (could be a month or two) from Amazon, but I'm aiming to speed up the process. I am sending out a copy of Piercing the Fold and media kit today for them to consider carrying in stores. Amarillo has Hastings stores that carry books and music. I have been in contact with them, and they want me to send them a copy of the book and media kit to get it on their shelves! Austin...of course I called Book People; they are so good to indie Authors being and indie themselves. I am sending them a copy for review and media kit before they put it on their shelves! And, San Antonio, TWIG- another indie bookstore. I am sending them a copy and media kit for review for thier shelves.

I'm hoping Piercing the Fold is received well by all of these channels!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Indie Authorship = Indie Public Relations

When I decided to independently publish Piercing the Fold, I had put a plan in place for the marketing. Today, I'm working on the Press Kit. Luckily many have shared their experiences, via google, with creating press kits. Bio, synopsis of Piercing the Fold, plan of book tours, signing events, as well as full color brochure for posting at venue. There is more to it. My plan is to add a unique quality to it in order to stand apart from the rest.
I plan to take the press kits to local book stores, libraries to promote Piercing the Fold. I'm also working on contacts for the local paper, Austin paper, and San Antonio paper as well as an interview with the morning show here in Amarillo.