Saturday, July 21, 2012

Piercing the Fold on Kindlegraph! Make Sure and Request a Signing!

Kindlegraph?  Yes, Kindlegraph.  Many times over the past couple of years that Kindles have become common in households, I have wondered, "What do authors do at signings for those Kindlers." 
Well, I stumbled upon Kindlegraph last week. It is quite amazing.  My kindlegraph is a true signature, rather than the script signature that they also have as an option. And, I am able to add inscriptions as well. 
"How does the Kindler receive the Kindlegraph?"  It is in pdf form and can be displayed on your Kindle. 
"What if you are using another device to supplement a Kindle since you do not own a Kindle?" Like an app on iPad, iPod, or iPhone.  My understanding through the explanation of the website is that you don't have to own a Kindle. You can still request kindlegraphs from your favorite authors and receive it as a pdf still! 

Many people still love the feeling a paperback, harcover book with inked inscription and signature...I know I do! But, if it is not possible to see this author at a signing, isn't it ingenius to bring this type of technology into the mix to bring a more personal experience between the author and reader?  I would say a be YES! 
Thank you Kindlegraph for bringing the author and readers together through Kindle!

Friday, July 20, 2012

On the Media Front: 3 Morning Show Interviews for Piercing the Fold in August!

Some great news in media for Piercing the Fold this week!  I have booked two morning show interviews here in Amarillo for Piercing the Fold.  NBC 4 Amarillo; Today in Amarillo on August 3rd, and Pronews 7 ABC Amarillo; Daybreak on August 6th.  Considering a book signing to follow, but waiting on the venue decision. 

For my hometown, I have booked KABB Fox 7 Daytime@9 in San Antonio on August 20th.  I will have a book signing as well, most likely at The Twig Book Store at the former Pearl Brewery. Still working on the logistics of the book signing! 

Still trying to get a morning show interview in the Austin area, since many dear friends and fans are in that area!  Have contacted KVUE, KXAN, and KTBC Fox 7. 

Make sure and tune in and come to the book signings!


Latest Version Of Piercing the Fold Available in Kindle and Paperback!

Quick update. Latest version of Piercing the Fold is available on Kindle.   If you have bought the old version (with typos and formatting issues), you will receive an email alert of the lastest available version.  You can opt YES to receive the latest version with no additional charge...please do this.  I spent about 20 hours over the past 3 days scouring the book for small inconsistencies and typos. I have pretty much caught them; for a self-editor, which is a tough task. 

For those that are buying Piercing the Fold in Kindle now, you will receive the latest version right off. 
Paperback has about a 5 day lag, so if you want the latest version in paperback, you will need to wait at least a week.  I will update my blog when the latest version is up and ready!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Listening to the Audience After Publishing Piercing the Fold

Since publishing Piercing the Fold on July 3, 2012, I have been blessed with the book being well received by its audience of readers.  I have received reviews that validate the storyline I wanted to get across to the audience . I am excited to get more feedback, critiques, and comments from my audience. 

 Please don't be discouraged if this review will be your first.  I have had some readers say, "Well, this is my first review so if I say something you don't like...". 
I quickly stop them and tell them that everyone needs to start somewhere and their candid and raw review would of Piercing the Fold is all I would ever want in a review.  That candid and rawness is what makes that review genuine...and I so appreciate those. 
That goes for both the good and the bad reviews, not just the good.  I know there are going to be both. 

So, listening to the audience. I do! One review (Charlie) indicated some typos.  I knew there would be some.  So, what did I do?  I am going back through the book right now, making small editing corrections.  I plan to have them fixed and ready for redistribution by the end of this week! Luckily, since I self-published and have a print on demand book, I can make those adjustments to help my audience have a better experience. 

On that note, I look forward to more reviews!!! Make sure you post your review to Amazon after you finish the book!  Those reviews are so important to the readers browsing for a book as well as for the author that wants readers to have an amazing experience getting lost in her books! ;)
Happy Reading,


Monday, July 16, 2012

Piercing the Fold is Ranked on Amazon's Best Sellers List!

This weekend has been amazing for Piercing the Fold! 
First, I rolled out the Free Kindle Download for Piercing the Fold.  Kindle publishing offers this option to its publishers.
Second, in under 48 hours, I have had over 330 downloads of Piercing the Fold!
The audience is finding it among the 500,000 plus ebooks on Amazon!
Third, Piercing the Fold has been well received with THREE 5 star reviews!
Fourth,  I am ranked on Amazon's best sellers lists!  It is surreal to see Piercing the Fold ranked at #18 and Twilight's Breaking Dawn at #17 today! 
Here is the breakdown for today of how people are finding Piercing the Fold!


Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #469 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)