Friday, August 17, 2012

Piercing the Fold Audio Book Production and Casting is Under Way!

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Exciting News!  Piercing the Fold's audio book production is under way.  I am extremely excited about the studio I'm collaborating with on this project.  It is going to amazing. Another exciting bit of news...I will be releasing the new cover of Piercing the Fold with the audio book release in October! 
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Texas Author’s Book Series, Piercing the Fold, is Picking Up Momentum and Audio Book Release Set for October 2012
  Venessa Kimball’s adult fiction and supernatural thriller Piercing the Fold Book 1 is gaining momentum with the public. With just over a month after publication under its belt, Piercing the Fold’s book sales, Kindle downloads, Facebook shares and reposts, tweets, and blogs have increased exponentially.
As of August 17, Piercing the Fold’s Kindle downloads through have exceeded 800 downloads with distribution both in the US and internationally. Piercing the Fold has been well-received with numerous 5 star reviews, stating this book is “gripping”, “haunting”, has a “compelling plot”, and “love at first sight” just to name a few. As for the author, Venessa Kimball has been called, “A bright new talent”.

The latest addition to Piercing the Fold's  production  is an audio book! The Piercing the Fold audio book is in production right now! The Sound Box Studio in San Antonio, Texas will be collaborating with the author throughout the development and production process. And, this one is going to be unique for the reader! There will be a mini-cast of readers that will embody the characters within the book. 

Venessa says, “The mini-cast will give the reader a movie-like experience as they listen to the characters voices interact.” Currently, auditions for the mini-cast are underway. The cast will be set by the end of next week. Then,  the real fun begins! The mini-cast will not be the only welcoming surprise for readers. Venessa is planning the release of Piercing the Fold’s new cover in paperback, Kindle copy , and audio book. Venessa says, “The new cover maintains the first covers mysterious feel, but adds more depth and symbolic features regarding the storyline! It is truly breath-taking and jaw-dropping. I am in love with this cover!” Both the new cover and audio book for Piercing the Fold will be released October 2012, in plenty of time for upcoming holiday gifting!




Thursday, August 16, 2012

Who's Who in Piercing the Fold. Take a Peek! NO SPOILERS!

So, I have had these characters running around in my head for a couple of years now.  The way they look, their idiosyncracies, the color of their eyes, their height, and  the depth of their emotions.  I have put together a glimpse of each of them for you on my website for you to take a peek.  NO SPOILERS HERE. So feel free to look before reading the book...might set the mood of a character for you as you read. 
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If I Could Create a Soundtrack for Piercing the Fold... would most definitely encompass the textures and rhythms of these songs.  These are the songs that inspired the creativity and the wonder in Piercing the Fold's storyline, character development, and over all flow. 
When I was in high school, I was involved in the creative writing department.  The teacher that headed up our department was Mr. Larry Gries at John Marshall High School in San Antonio, Texas. I have one vivid memory of him playing different types of music while we wrote.  He introduced me to the techniques of using music to help evoke creative thought and wondering. 
When I started writing Piercing the Fold in November 2010, I started with music in the background.  These songs that I have put onto the Piercing the Fold Playlist to share with you.  On my website I have labeled specific scenes that I wrote while listening to that song. 
Thanks so much Mr. Gries...your teachings have not been forgotten after all of these years. 

I hope you enjoy the playlist as much as I have,