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Piercing the Fold series Blog Tour Update Plus A Teaser for the Upcoming Surfacing the Rim: Book 2!

Happy  Hump Day Everyone! 
I have an update on the blog tour! 
A schedule has been created and we have quite a line up!  We are just shy of a month away from my first ever blog tour with PtF!  I am head over heels about it and I wanted to share the schedule with you! Please feel free to post this schedule to your facebook wall or share/tweet with your friends and family!  Every follower of the tour will have an opportunity at giveaways throughout the tour, as well as insightful info straight from me on many aspects of the series!  Did I tell you that there will be a giveaway at EVERY tour stop?  Yes, there will be! EEEP! Make sure to start following these amazing bloggers now, so you don't miss out on any updates they have about the tour!  

Now, I hope you enjoy  Excerpt  #2 from Surfacing the Rim: PtF Book 2

* this excerpt is unedited and raw.  Note that some changes to the content may occur prior to publication on March 14, 2013.

Excerpt begins with Jesca's thoughts.....

~ For the past two months, we have been hulled up in the villa awaiting intelligence from the fellowship’s scientists while comparing notes with the local, national, and global news.  Rebel factions have already started sprouting up all over the world.  Civil riots and protests for government assistance, world-wide governmental departments on high alert have already started shutting borders between nations to try and keep the chaos contained within their own countries.

As guardians, our job of protecting the humans on this earth, and our selves, had gotten a million times harder because of this insider leaking information. It was intended to intimidate us. And, it served its purpose.   We were only a few saviors in a sea of frightened and confused civilians.  

Ezra shakes his head and stiffens his lips.

Dangerous thoughts start stirring in my mind.

Nate tries to save us from our thoughts by changing the subject. “So what’s up?” 

Ezra looks up at both of us.  “Sebastian is sending us on a mission.”

I feel a knot form in my stomach.

Nate sits back away from his cereal.  “What about our mission here?”

Ezra sighs, “Well, the mission here has fled Miami and is now in Tokyo,  Japan.”

I ask, “Are we going to Japan?”

Ezra, “We need to get a fellow guardian on board with us and take care of some housekeeping at MIT first. Sebastian hasn’t confirmed that, but I think that is where we are headed.”

Ezra nervously taps a pen on the table. “ This fellow guardian. He  may be…resistant.” 

I probe with a million questions. “You said ‘he’.  Who is it? Why would he resist? What do we need to tell him that could make him resist?”

Ezra sighs and throws his glasses down in frustration, “Damn it Jesca!”  Ezra doesn’t do frustration often. And my heavy line of questioning has definitely gotten under Ezra’s skin. The feeling I get just before lightning strikes is creeping in. This is not going to be good.

He closes his eyes for a moment. Ezra being Ezra, I know he is trying to regain  his composure before he speaks.  Nate and I remain quiet and wait.

Ezra’s voice is even when he speaks. “Because I have to tell him things that could change everything he thought he knew about himself.”

Ezra looks down. “Things that you may resist.” 

I lean onto the table and look directly into Ezra’s eyes. “ Us? resist?  I highly doubt that!” I sit back and cross my arms. “Try me.”

 Ezra breathes deeply and looks from Nate to me. “The implantation of the 2nd generation Copula.”

Nate breaks in, “Yeah? What about it?”

He holds up his iPhone. “A device similar to this was used prior to travel to send a surge of electricity directly to the Copula. The surge would act as a harness between the body’s copper and the Copula, while they worked together to open the wormhole. But this device wasn’t just a Copula defibrillator.  It had multiple purposes.”

Ezra continues. “It was a miniature computer.  This device recorded neurological and physical changes within the body during and after travel.   As protocol, after every travel Sebastian’s associates would pull the data collected to check for any changes or abnormalities. Across the board, the data showed  increased levels of copper in the implanted..  The levels of copper contributed to  alterations within the body, making the implanted superior. ”

Nate questions, “Superior? In what way superior?

Thoughts start firing in my head. Alterations  in the body making the implanted superior.   Alterations.

Ezra is speaking and his voice is filled with worry. I tune back in enough to hear him say, “physical strength and speed. Psychical abilities such as clairvoyance,  telepathy...” 

His mouth is moving, but I’m not listening anymore.  Are we implanted? I almost speak the words, but instead I shut my gapping mouth quickly.   Nate looks at me guardedly.  “Jes?”

Ezra gaze is focused on me. He is just sitting there,  waiting for me to ask.

I won’t ask  the question sitting on the tip of my tongue leave my lips.  If I do, I will slip below the surface of  reality and sink into a sea of new truths that I will  have to resurface from.  I don’t know if I can handle that.  I don’t know if I will be able to  resurface once I hear the answer to the unspoken question lingering in the atmosphere. 

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