Thursday, April 4, 2013

Going into My "Cave": Drafting Ascending the Veil: Book 3, Book 4, and Future Projects!

For those of you wondering why I would be going into a cave to work on Book 3 in my series,  I am not literally writing my little heart out in a musty, dark, cold, cave; it's figurative.   Every writers cave is different. Some writers have a specific spot they like to write; under a tree,  outside,  in a comfy chair, on the sofa,  in a library.   Some writers' caves are more of a mode, like a light switch, that their mind shifts from closed, orderly minds we have on a daily basis, to an open and free flowing mind from which creativity over flows from.

My cave?  Mine is definitely a mode.  I have found that being a mom of three active children that I can not have a singular place to write.  I do love my comfy sofa, when I can snag it ;).  However, I have adapted to the fact that a cave can not be a place but rather a mode my mind shifts to. 
When I am in "the cave" very little else occurs.  Meaning?  The bare necessities.  And, when I get into "the cave",  it is so hard to come back out.  It is like leaving a movie theater before the movie is over. It sucks!  

So, over the next few months,  I will be spending quite a bit of time in "the cave", since I am eager to complete the Piercing the Fold series that has been haunting (in a good way) my days and nights for the past 3 years.   I plan to draft through Book 3 and well into Book 4 before September 2013. That is my goal. Let's hope that I can get their.   I would love to have Book 3 in your hot little hands by mid-September 2013.  And,  I would love to have Book 4 released in early 2014!  

Why so eager to have the series complete?  First,  the fans have spurred my motivation for sure.  Foremost,  I have two more projects I would like to get started on!  I am really eager to get going on them both.  They are very different from the Piercing the Fold series.  I will not say too much about them.  But here are a few details:  They are both stand alone novels,  they are both Adult Fiction,  they are not Paranormal or Science Fiction driven.  They are both very different from each other as well.  I am really stretching my "writer's wings"  and branching out into other genres.  I have outlines for both the projects. Once Book 4 for in the Piercing the Fold series is drafted,  I will begin drafting the first of the two projects.   Some of you may be asking, "Will Venessa ever write New Adult Paranormal SciFi  again?"  The answer:  I'm sure I will.  I am not tethering myself to a genre.  My tether is the ideas, topics, concepts that spur me to create.  If a topic takes me in the Paranormal direction again, then I will.  

So,  that's the scoop!  If I am MIA on the social networks, which I try really hard to check in on at least once a day,  know that I am in "the cave" either long-handing it or typing passionately! 


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