Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the Piercing the Fold series will be on Sale! The season of Gifting via

SALE COMING...Gift Your Friends and Family through Amazon! 

Big Sale weekend coming up everyone!  I plan to do some shopping for  friends and family and I know you will too.  Most of my shopping will be on-line...and, there are deals to be had.
I have made the Piercing the Fold series ebooks available for sale this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! This is your opportunity to start the Amazon best selling series and/or  "gift" the series to those family and friend readers you have on your Christmas list.  Gifting is super easy through Amazon as long as you have an email address for the receiving party.  With the price this series will have this weekend, it would be crazy to pass up the opportunity to give a gift that keeps giving, spurs the imagination, and takes you out of this world, literally :)

Many of you will be traveling on the road and by plane.  Please have a safe Thanksgiving and weekend.  
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