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In the Press: Dismantling Evan, Teen Fiction Tackles Heavy Social Issues and Tragedies of our Time

Dismantling Evan will be releasing very soon and I have had many questions about the storyline. I wanted to be candid with those of you that are intrigued by the blurb and what I have displayed on FB, Twitter, this blog, about the novel.
 One, it is a book that will stick with you resonate with you on many levels. Two, while there is tragedy, there are also rays of light. Three, this is a love story in multiple ways; parents love for a child, brother's love, the love of friends, and first loves.  Four, Dismantling Evan goes places with teen social issues that have not been addressed before in this type of combination. 

I am releasing this to the press this week as well and I wanted to share it with you.  Dismantling Evan has been a journey for me as a writer, a member of society, a parent, and friend.  I can't wait to share Evan's story with you in January.  
Email Contact: 
New Release in Teen Contemporary Fiction Tackles Heavy Social  Issues: 
Venessa Kimball’s Latest Novel Captures  First Loves, Mental Illness, 
School Violence, Social Stigmas and Tragedies Teens are Faced with Today 
Austin, Texas. December 1, 2014-
~Life is unstable. What will be the trigger to dismantle it?~ 
The tagline alone leaves you wondering whom and what will be dismantled in the seemingly unstable life of the characters author Venessa Kimball has developed in this timely and poignant work of literary fiction. The novel is Dismantling Evan and it will resonate with anyone who has been a teen, is a teen, or is raising teens in western society. 
While Kimball's setting is a fictional town in central Texas, the characters, the events, and the dismantlement of this community is very real in our society. It is not uncommon for teen fiction to be peppered with situations of first loves, social unrest, bullying, and suicide. Venessa has seized a timely and relevant combination of social stigmas present in the lives of teens and the potential tragedies triggered from them that  no other author has yet attempted. She says her influence for this story had been building for years and with epidemics of school violence and tragedies only on the rise, she could no longer keep this story contained. "Virginia Tech, Columbine, Sandy Hook are a few instances of school violence ending in tragedy. Each one I watched play out through the media, I found myself wanting to know why this happened and what were the triggers leading to the tragedies for both the suspects and the victims." 
Kimball admits surprises of who the victims and suspects were prior to the tragedy helped her to see the victimization of all involved. "How could a suspect be a victim is somewhat controversial to say, especially when their have been lives taken, communities and nations changed forever. However, after research and learning more about the underlying triggers that had contributed to the dismantlements in each of these acts of violence among teens, I knew I had to share it with our society through a story about teens in the moment, living life before a dismantlement like this." 
Venessa says some of the triggers are ones our society doesn't readily understand, accept, or tolerate, and are usually kept secret among families due to the social stigma they hold. One of these triggers is the instance of teen mental illness and mental disorders. She addresses this trigger through the eyes of the main character in her novel, Evan "Evangeline" Phillips.
Multiple types of bullying, family dynamics being dysfunctional and at times detached, finding first loves among the intolerance, the effects of war in the middle east among one family, alienation and ostracization within the teen social caste system in a typical Western society high school are just a handful of the additional triggers in Kimball's novel. It is no small feat to encompass multiple teen social pathologies into one novel, but Kimball has achieved and superseded this expectation in this well paced work of literary fiction that must to be read by both teens and adults alike. "Among the unavoidable dismantling tragedy in this novel, there is humor, love, angst, budding mental illness, social pressures, self-discovery, coming of age moments, and rays of hope for these characters. The rays of hope pose potential solutions to keep these tragic dismantlements from happening. What are the solutions? Well, I leave that knowledge for the reader to discover and determine."
Dismantling Evan will release on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback copy January 13, 2015. Venessa Kimball is an International Best Selling Author known for her paranormal sci-fi series, Piercing the Fold (Available on Amazon). She is a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin and currently resides in Austin, Texas with her family. 

Title: Dismantling Evan 
Author: Venessa Kimball
Publisher: Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing 

Release: January 13, 2015

Dismantling Evan Blurb: 
When high school senior Evangeline "Evan" Phillips moves half way across the country with her parents to a quaint town in Texas, it should be a chance to start over.
It should be. 
Typical of Evan, she doesn’t share her parents’ optimism. Always the loner, she is prepared to hide behind work at the school newspaper until graduation. That is the seemingly bulletproof plan until she meets her new neighbors, Gavin and Brody Ferguson. 
The more Evan gets to know her neighbors, their band of friends, and frenemies, the more unsettling her new high school and community gets in Braxton Springs, Texas.
As Evan unwittingly digs deeper into the lives of those around her, her own skeletons begin to surface leaving her vulnerable and scrambling to keep her own sanity and reputation. Will Evan be able to get control over her spiraling secrets while discovering friendship and love for the first time?
Or will the issues and pressures of life as a band of not-so-average teens in a very typical high school become too much, resulting in the tragic dismantlement of an entire community and Evan herself? 
Dismantling Evan is a fresh and edgy work of literary fiction that snapshots how life as a teen in modern society can be unstable and the social issues and pressures revolving around them can tip the fleeting stability of  society over the edge.

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Houston Book Rave 2014 Pictures and Exclusive Giveaway for Fan Club!

Houston Book Rave 2014 was a wonderful experience! I met so many readers, blogger, and authors. We got to hang out, mingle with the readers and tell them about the books we have and new projects on the horizon, like Dismantling Evan!

Let me tell you, so many readers and bloggers were ready to buy it right then and there! But, not releasing until January 13, 2015!

They were more than excited to keep up with all the updates, teasers, and pre-order capabilities for this one though which gives me goosebumps that it was so well received!

I wanted to share some pictures from the event as well as a GIVEAWAY!

Yep, that is Pepe Toth. The cover model from Jennifer L. Armentrout's Lux series!

While I was there I was able to meet one of my all time favorite authors, Jennifer L. Armentrout!  So, I had White Hot Kiss autographed! Guess who I am going to give it to?
An awesome Venessa Kimball Author fan club member!  Aren't a member?  That is okay! You are more than welcome to join and be approved by me if you are willing to share and spread the word about my books here and there ;).

Here is the link to the rafflecopter!  It will run for one week and you will have multiple chances to enter daily!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't wait to enter!   Can't wait to give away a signed copy of White Hot Kiss!

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Cover and Blurb Reveal Day with Giveaway: Dismantling Evan (Teen Contemporary Fiction)

Happy Cover Reveal Day!!!!!

I have been eagerly waiting to share Dismantling Evan's cover and blurb with you for weeks now! Today is the day and I have a few giveaways to celebrate with you!
In this post, I am sharing not only the cover and blurb for Dismantling Evan, but the musical playlist I have spend the last five months building, listening to, being inspired by while I have written a story that has taken me through so many emotions, so much research, and so much heartache, anger,  and joy  (sometimes simultaneously).

The thing about Dismantling Evan is that it is not a typical teen contemporary novel. This is not a genre driven piece of fiction.  It is most definitely a literary driven piece of fiction because of the social issues addressed in the novel and how they reflect on our society, which is far from what I have written in the past. (For those of you who have read my paranormal sci-fi series will agree when you read D.E.)

Okay, okay! I have made you wait long is Dismantling Evan's breath-taking cover (SK Whiteside- you are amazing!) and the much awaited back cover blurb.

Are you intrigued? 
Anyone that is a teenager, has a teenager, or was a teenager long ago will find themselves in the the pages of D.E. at some point and that is why I fell in love with Evan's snapshot of a not-so-average teen living with baggage in a very typical and sometimes intolerant society. 
January 13th can't come fast enough for me! squeeeeee! 

For those of you that LOVE book trailers for novels, I have one for Dismantling Evan to share. 

Still intrigued (Oh, and curious about THE GIVEAWAY in the title of this post? ;) 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you have trouble accessing it there, here is the link to my Facebook fan page Giveaway tab :)

Want to put D.E. on your To Be Read list on Goodreads?

Here is the link!

Want to connect via Twitter and Facebook?

Facebook Fan Page :  

Make sure to check out as well for updates, book signings, new projects, and more in addition to the information on my blog. 

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Music in the Muse: Why Authors Create Playlists for their Novels

The Muse in the Music: 
Why Authors Create Playlists for their Novels
~Venessa Kimball~ 
~Guest Post~ 

First and foremost, I want to thank Paisley Reader for allowing me to be a guest on their blog.  The topic I want to blog about today is music playlists.
When I started writing Piercing the Fold: Book 1 in 2010, I found myself choosing songs from the radio that made me think of particular scenes I was in the process of writing, the characters I was writing about, and the mood the storyline was taking at that moment in time when I was writing a particular scene.  The pull of these songs was so strong, I drew emotion from them and expressed it through the characters.  Musical inspiration?  YES, it was and it still is for me.

Fast forward to today 2014, I have steadily built a playlist for each of the novels I have written.  I even have playlists started for my new novel releasing in January 2015, Dismantling Evan. most authors, I am thinking of about projects that I haven't even announced to my fans let alone my publisher and I am already creating playlists for them. Why?  Because the stories are there brewing in my little author head eager to be released but needing to complete current projects :)

So, why create a playlist? Just to say "Hey I have a playlist for each of my novels?"  NO, not it.
The reason I create them is because while I write, I listen to them.  While I'm not writing and I am running errands, exercising, or driving one, two, or three of my children to after school sports and activities, I listen to the playlist. While I am editing, re-editing, and re-editing before sending it off to the "official editor" I listen to playlist.  Even after I have finished editing, finished publishing, I listen to the playlists.

Why do I listen to them after the book is done and the inspiration has manifested in the published novel?
Listening to each of the playlists for my novels is like a auditory yearbook, each song bringing back the moments of raw emotions I felt while writing scenes.  It's like I get to relive the book again and again, revisit the characters and the reality I created for them.

Why share it with the readers/fans?
Why not. Many readers/fans want to here the techniques an author takes in order to flesh out characters, story lines, plots, and plot twists.  And, many readers/fans enjoy listening to to the songs that coinside with the mood of the novel when they read it.  Even listening to the playlist after reading the novel, many of my fans have said that listening to the playlist brings back the feeling they had while reading. So, they also experience and appreciate the feeling of revisiting the novel and characters.

Where do I keep my playlists for reader/fan access?
I use both Spotify and Soundcloud.
I like Spotify because I can access the playlists to my pc and my device to play anytime, even when I don't have internet access.  Soundcloud is another server that usually has remixes of my playlist songs along with the original songs...I like to use this because I can embed my playlist for a specific book or set of books on my blog for anyone to access and listen to immediately. Like this!!!

So, how to get to my Spotify and Soundcloud profile?  Here are the links for you all to access the ones I have made public.  I have a handful of playlists for projects that are in development through 2017 that are still private, but I will release them as they become public knowledge.



I hope this gives you a little peek inside my author head and some insight as to why some authors use music as their springboard for character and story line inspiration as they write.

I love interacting with readers and fans alike.  Please feel free to reach out to me at the multiple social networks I am a part of. Make sure to check out my own Author blog, to learn more about my novels and my journey as an author.

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Dismantling Evan- Teaser/Excerpt

Hi there!

With Dismantling Evan's manuscript 3/4 of the way complete, I wanted to celebrate by releasing a teaser/excerpt.  This teaser is between Evan (Evangeline) Phillips, the main character, and Brody Ferguson, Gavin's older brother whom Evan is falling for.


Please feel free to leave comments about this excerpt. Love to hear from the readers and fans <3 

Learn more about Dismantling Evan's cover reveal, updates, and release here on my blog and on my Facebook Fan Page
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Latest Project: Dismantling Evan Book Trailer Reveal & Insight on the Novel.

Good Morning!

I have something to share with readers today. Something I'm really excited about.

For those that have been following the progress of my latest project, Dismantling Evan, you know that I have not released any real teasers for you as of yet.

The one and only reason is I am still writing D.E. and with this project in particular, I want to complete the manuscript before I begin sharing excerpts.
With that beings said, I am not done with the manuscript but after a long writing marathon this past week, I did have the itch to create a teaser/video trailer for D.E.

This video will definitely give you some clues in regards to the direction Dismantling Evan will be taking as a contemporary fiction novel  revolving around teens with mental disorders and illness in our society with all of the other "life" and "coming of age" aspects that teens in general face in their lives.
Obviously, the focus of this story is Evan (Evangeline Phillips), but no this.....Evangeline is only a part of the grander storyline with other characters' facing challenges  greater than her own.

I have placed a brief synopsis of Dismantling Evan in the book trailer, however, I want to also place it here since it is the root of this story.

~ Dismantling Evan is a coming of age novel that fleshes out  Evan's (Evangeline Philips)  unsteady and shifting teen life while pushing through a  societal epidemic that is  utterly  "dismantling" leaving hearts of   families and entire communities broken and questioning "Why did this happen?" ~ 

Some evidence and thoughts as to why this story (Dismantling Evan) needs to be  written: 

*Just over 20 percent (or 1 in 5) children, either currently or at some point during their life, have had a seriously debilitating mental disorder. ( National Institute of Mental Health -

* "Estimates suggest that between 60 and 90 percent of adolescents with mental 
health disorders fail to receive treatment." (Knopf, D. K., Park, J., & Mulye, T. P. (2008). The mental health of adolescents: A national profile, 2008. Retrieved November 9, 2012, from

*People now know that mental illness has neurologic causes and is therefore amenable to treatment. But this knowledge has not resulted in greater tolerance toward the mentally ill. 

Mental Illness Stigma Persists Among Americans

Fran Lowry
September 22, 2010
My thoughts: Even though we are a very knowledge driven society, the lack of knowledge of adolescents with mental disorders and illness is waning when it comes to identifying, accepting  and having tolerance by the adolescents' peers. Event hough we have made leaps in the area  of  preventing bullying and resources for youth with mental illness; there are still so many gaps.  One of the many solutions that I have researched and summed up as the one that we are  lacking in  as a society is  so basic, so primal...Well, once was primal but now seems to be rapidly deteriorating.  What is my opinion on the basic solution? This is where I have to stop because it is the root of Dismantling Evan and I am still writing the manuscript. However, I look forward to revealing it when D.E releases on January 13, 2014.  
If you get a chance, Please add Dismantling Evan to your Goodreads (Want to Read) list.  D.E is not currently set for pre-order on Amazon, but accessing updates both here and on my website is always available to you prior to release.   GOODREADS LINK FOR DISMANTLING EVAN:
OKAY, I HAVE MADE YOU WAIT LONG ENOUGH.  Here is the Dismantling Evan Book Trailer. 
Have a great day! I'm off to write a novel :) 

~Venessa Kimball  

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Teaser: New Teaser Poster for Next Novel, Dismantling Evan (Young Adult Contemporary Fiction)

Good Morning!

My writing schedule is coming along amazingly for my next novel, Dismantling Evan. (Young Adult Contemporary Fiction)
The direction this novel is flowing is taking me through much needed research to get things just right for the characters and in turn YOU, the reader. It is also taking me through many emotions having been a high schooler a looooooong time ago, a friend, an onlooker, a teacher, and now a mother of children that will experience (directly, or indirectly) ramifications of the sensitive topic I am addressing.
---THE TEASE---  I am not releasing the blurb for it yet, but I can tell you that this novel will be focusing on a sensitive topic among teens that impacts family, friends, loved ones, and those caught in the cross-fire. Actually, multiple variables surrounding this topic will be addressed in D.E. because all of those "variables" mold the  enormous ripple effect this topic has on our  society as a whole. One of the variables is mental illness in teens and the stigma it carries in society. THAT is just one of the variables, but it is a BIG one.
The tragic things is  every time this "sensitive topic" occurs, we are blind to it and are scrambling to understand why this happened. Members of families  and  closest friends are blind to the build up of variables until it has already "dismantled" everyone in its path.

   Okay, I have teased enough I think. But one more thing!
 ---One important tidbit as you follow the progress of D.E.----
Many of you may think this book's main character is male based on  novel's title. The main character is female.  This novel's main character is Evangeline "Evan, a teenager  in a new town and new high school.

I leave you with one of multiple Dismantling Evan posters I have created.  Each one symbolizes themes in the novel.  Once D.E. has released and you have read it in January, you will better understand the reason for my image choices.

Here is the first.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Release Date for Young Adult/Teen Contemporary Fiction Novel, Dismantling Evan, Finalized

I have some exciting news!!!!

I have signed Dismantling Evan with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing House and have finalized the release date !
I originally considered releasing it at the end of 2014, but with upcoming book signing events, the holidays,  and my writing schedule,  my publisher and I both agree that January 2015 is a perfect fit.

I wanted to share the latest poster of D.E. with you since the tagline and release date has been added.  I will be releasing the cover in December.  
 Click me!

I am off to the writing cave now.  So excited about this book! It will be so different from the Piercing the Fold series... no sci-fi or paranormal in this one.  
Will share teasers and excerpts as the writing progresses.   Until then...

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Sizzling Summer Sale on the Entire Piercing the Fold series!!!!

This is a crazy insane sale ya'll. You get the entire series for $4.00 (plus tax). That is 4 full length novels for 4 bucks!  This is a Kindle copy sale and it is international for all of you that are over seas!  Here are the direct links to each book for you to one-click!

This sale will have an expiration, but my publisher and I haven't determined that yet! (win for you!)

If you get a chance, please spread the word about this sale.  Thank you so much for all of your support.

  International Best Selling Paranormal Sci-Fi Series
One-Click the complete paranormal/sci-fi series now!
Piercing the Fold: Book 1
Surfacing the Rim: Book2
Ascending the Veil: Book3
the final book, Transcending the Legacy: Book4

*Support an author, write a review *  :)


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Very Paranormal BookRave was Very Awesome!

This past weekend I was part of a Barnes and Noble Multi-Author book signing event in Pasadena, Texas ( Just south of Houston, TX)  

One, it was my first Barnes and Noble event.  Two,  this is the first B&N to carry my entire series in paperback!  This had me over the moon excited.  

These are the extraordinary paranormal authors I got to hang with at the event. 

We had a steady flow of readers coursing through the event  and I signed multiple copies for new readers/fans of my series. 

We had some down time to take pictures with our wonderful organizers. Lucy was so kind making sure everything was just right for us.  My table buddy for the night was Jaye Wells; what an amazing author and woman.  We even went to dinner after the event. 

I will be back in Houston, Texas for the Houston BookRave 2014 in November.  The venue is TBD since it will house over 60 authors.  Jennifer L. Armentrout is said to be in attendance and I will be fan-girling for sure.  

Here is the info on the event for you to keep track of updates.  I will post any updates on the event here on my blog as well as on my social network handles.  


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Young Adult Contemporary Fiction Novel in the Works: Dismantling Evan

 This past week has been full of research, research, research.  I really love this part of the writing process.  I get to dive into topics that I would other wise overlook. And, this is a topic that time and time again is over looked, brushed under the perverbial rug, for multiple reasons that many don't understand until they have lived or experienced  people afflicted with mental illness first hand.

 I wanted to start writing about this story immediately when it came to me in early 2013, but with Ascending the Veil: Book 3 releasing and Transcending the Legacy: Book 4 needing to be written, I had to be patient and continue to let Evan's story "percolate".
There is a great amount of patience needed as a writer when it comes to a story, plot, and muses speaking to you.

The core topic is mental illness and the "dismantling" and crippling effects it has on teens and those around them.  As I researched, it became about so much more.  Self discovery,  coming of age, peer pressure, young love,  and the triggers of societal collapse even if it is in the smallest realm of our world; a school, a neighborhood, a campus, a home, a family.
Yes,  it is a heavy topic. Yes,  I am terrified of the dark places this content will take me. But I'm equally motivated by the brightly lit places it will take me and the places I hope it will take you when I release this stand alone novel in late 2014.

So, the research. .  .
Much of the research is facts, symptoms, case studies, psychological terms and explanations.  However, I wanted to have more hands on research; real opinions on the topic.  So, I have created a questionnaire to correlate with the many ideas/scenarios addressed in Dismantling Evan in order to get raw interpretations of  mental disorders/illnesses and how they have infected the lives of people directly involved and those that are outside observers. If you have been touched by mental illness within your own family or not, yet you feel drawn to  this topic, I would love to have you submit your answers to this questionnaire.  It is anonymous with only a timestamp for your submission.
Here is the questionnaire if you feel called to respond:

Thank you for all of you that have submitted the questionnaire with your responses thus far.  It has given me insight and emotion and instances that are real and raw. The value of your responses means so much to this project and to this topic.

Off to the writing cave.

I will be posting a blurb for Dismantling Evan soon.


Monday, June 2, 2014

Calm After the Whirlwind~

Sigh. . .

Last I blogged I was a couple of days out from release of the final book in the Piercing the Fold series.

Day before release, I spent the evening with a group of awesome teens at Cedar Park High School here in the Austin Metro Area.  The Cedar Park High School book club had me join in to introduce the series to their school as well as make a donation of Piercing the Fold: Book 1, Surfacing the Rim: Book 2, and Ascending the Veil: Book 3.
I  can honestly say I wouldn't have wanted to be any where else the night before my release....being among readers, specifically YA readers was a beautiful way to hail in the release.
Well, the release was phenomenal and the entire series ranked in the top 25 best selling in the YA Sci-Fi Dystopian category on Amazon within days of release!  It was pretty surreal seeing all four books doing so well and the final book getting amazing reviews.  It is always a fear that the finale will fall short, let alone the sequels of a series.  It makes me so proud to know that the readers are posting the complete opposite!  Still in awe of the responses.  *pinching self*

What's next. . .  The calm after the whirlwind.

Since the release, I have been invited back to Cedar Park High School by the Writing Club.  They were interested in having a Q and A about my writing process.  It was perfect timing since I am starting my next novel (YA Contemporary Fiction)  Dismantling Evan (Working Title).  Everything about the starting process was fresh for them to pick and prod.
I know they might be surprised, but being with these students and bouncing ideas off of each other was so inspirational and motivating to me.  Plus, we played a really cool game... and I will forever be branded as "C-7" for the rest of my existence ;)
I absolutely love school visits and hope to do more in the coming 2014/2015 school year in the Central Texas area.

Dismantling Evan. . . (Working Title) YA Contemporary Fiction
  For the past few weeks I have been reading, reading, reading;   Fan-girling over my favorite authors.  I had a lot of catching up to do.  I was only away from my writing cave for 4 days before I started "brewing" Dismantling Evan.   The rough outline is done... the mental movie has played out in my head.  The clean outline is being drafted on another screen as I type this.
This one is going to take me places that are out of my comfort zone...I can feel it just from the outline.  And, that is good!  That is what I had hoped when I first envisioned this story in my head.   More will be coming on the Dismantling Evan forefront in the coming weeks.

Events. . .

June 14th I will be heading to the Houston area for the Very Paranormal Book Rave in Pasedena TX / Barnes and Noble.   I will be there for a book signing and meet/greet along with many amazing Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult Authors.  Hope Central Texas fans and readers can make it by.

This is the first of a few events I have lined up between 2014 and 2015.  Make sure to check the Events/ Signings page on this blog for more info.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Transcending the Legacy: Book 4 Has Released! The Final Book in the Paranormal Sci-Fi Piercing the Fold Series

It's live! The final book in Jesca's story, the Piercing the Fold series!

What a journey!  I am so excited for readers and fans to enjoy the ending of this roller coaster adventure series.

Here is the Amazon link to TtL: Book 4 along with the other 3 books in the series.

Book 4

Book 1
Book 2
Book 3

In tradition of the series, there is a TtL:Book 4 book trailer. It is also a mini tribute to the entire series now that it is complete.

Don't forget that the release party is yet to begin for the final book release!  Celebration is on May 15th on FB so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home (in PJs and all) :)
Here is the link! Hope you can make it!  Kindle Fire giveaway is just one of the many, many prizes to celebrate at the party!

Will write more later! Today is craaaaazyyyy!  Release Day always is. :)


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cover Reveal Day for Transcending the Legacy: Book 4! Final Book in the Piercing the Fold Series!

Good Morning!  

Today is cover reveal day for the final book in the Piercing the Fold series; Transcending the Legacy: Book 4. 
It is bittersweet posting the final cover in the 4 book series, but knowing that the series is complete and has ended just the way I always envisioned makes up for all the sadness of this series being over. 

Release Day for the final book is May 13, 2014 and there is a party to celebrate!  Cyber party that is! Head over to Facebook and join this event today since there is already a major giveaway going! 

That is right! I'm giving away a Kindle Fire HD ~ to be announced on May 15, 2014 at the party!  
As of this moment, we are 3 weeks out from release of  the final book!  Some of you hardcore PtF fans are re-reading the books in preparation! Many are just starting Jesca's journey! Make sure to get your honest Amazon reviews in at the event prior to or on the 15th to qualify for the Kindle Fire Giveaway! 
Here are the links and order for the Amazon Best Selling Paranormal Sci-Fi series, Piercing the Fold  
Piercing the Fold: Book 1
Surfacing the Rim: Book2
Ascending the Veil: Book3

For updates, teasers, future events, and signings; please visit: 

Back to my writing cave to edit, re-read, edit, edit! :) 

Have a great day, 


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Teaser Tuesday: Sneak Peek at the DWELLERS in Transcending the Legacy: Book 4

Happy Teaser Tuesday Everyone!

The final book in the Piercing the Fold series introduces you to a new breed of terror. The being is known as a Dweller.

As the series has progressed, in Ascending the Veil: Book 3 we were given more details about these "occupier" type beings from beyond "the veil".  They have invaded,  taken humans, occupied them, and are using them as killers against the human race as well as assassins for a particular cast of characters.
Let there be no confusion; these dwellers are not zombies. THEYARE MUCH WORSE!  Dwellers have taken the human vessel while still alive and seized control of their bodies.
Is the human vessel alive? YES
Is it trapped? YES
Is it comparable to a type of possession over the human vessel? YES
(This was hinted at in Piercing the Fold: Book 1 and in Ascending the Veil: Book 3 for you die-hard PtF fans).
Can the vessel be saved if the dweller is extracted?  Well, that remains to be seen.

Pretty horrifying.  Wouldn't want to see this lovely lady up close. 

I hope you enjoy the following teaser/excerpt from the final installment of the PtF series. 
*This excerpt is raw, unedited, and subject to minor adjustments prior to publication on May 13, 2014.  


-  Do they look the same as they did over there, beyond the veil? Black orbs, slithering, slinking in to attack. Or, the way they looked in the video back at the facility moments before they took a vessel to dwell in or kill immediately.   I feel my stomach lurch as I catch sight of one of them.  The face is almost human, once human, now consumed.  Eyes black as night, no whites. The sockets sunken with red-streaked veins jutting out toward the sharp cheekbones.  The movements are unnatural but quick, like something acting within the body that doesn’t know how to direct it in its normal capacity; walk, run, jump.  The body jerks into a crouch, then jumps arms splayed out toward me.  Thinking fast I swing the shield and send the dweller soaring toward the doors.  The body hits metal and collapses to the ground in front of the sealed doors.  I blink just for a second. When I  open my eyes again, the dweller is back on its feet staring at me.  No one around me moves, the soldiers are still, guns still drawn waiting to see its reaction; its next move. Then,    as it’s chilling eyes meet mine, its taut mouth stretches into a rancid smile, then shakes its head from side to side slowly sending a chill straight to my core. 
                                                 ~ Jesca,  Transcending the Legacy: Book 4 (Piercing the Fold series) 

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Q and A Time!

First, I want to give a shout out to Penelope over at Library at the end of the Universe. She was interested in the way I have approached my craft as a writer/novelist. ( Her inquiring has spurred me to post this blog. Please stop by her page and check it out! She is a pretty fabulous blogger and author!

So, what are the burning questions? Here we go!

1) What am I working on?  
I am working faithfully on Transcending the Legacy: Book 4 in my Young Adult Paranormal Sci-Fi series, Piercing the Fold. This is the final book in the series so I am extremely focused on fulfilling everything I want and I know the fans will want in a finale :) 
Beyond the PtF Series, I have FIVE projects that span multiple sub-genres in Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult fiction. Many of these are on the oppposite end of the spectrum to the paranormal sci-fi series I am completing. The projects I have coming will carry me through 2016 for releases. They will all be full-length novels and stand-alone novels rather than series driven novels. Here is a teaser of the project I will be working on after Transcending the Legacy: Book 4.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Great question, but a hard one without sounding like I am bragging.  Let me give it a go.  I have a tendency to blend genres I think.  For instance, the Piercing the Fold series blends romance, psychological thriller, paranormal, and science fiction.  Science fiction and paranormal aren't normally blended, but this series has brought them together.  HOW you ask? Well, the blend is in the fact that in PtF we are dealing with the metaphysical, the supernatural, and then unorthodox contemporary science. My next project (post PtF series) will be another non-traditional blend too;  New Adult contemporary fiction is the base genre in that one. 

3) Why do I write what I do?
This is a two-fold question. First, Why do I write:
Because my mind won't let it go.  That is a fact.  When an idea gets into my head, it blossoms quickly and then stays there, camped out, hounding me, until I write it. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that these ideas stay with me until I have written them. But, like every other writer, there are not enough hours in the day to get everything down at times, so have a great memory helps immensely.  
Now, Why do I write what I do: 
The content just comes to me.  I don't keep myself guarded in a particular genre so I have multiple projects coming that will range between New Adult Contemporary Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Adult Contemporary Romance, Adult Paranormal Sci-Fi, and more.  So, I center my writing around a story, the characters, the idea.  The genre comes later in the process for me. 

4) How does my writing process work?
It is a process for sure. First, I have a skeleton outline....very loose. Then, I get on my nifty excel program, take the skeleton outline, and flesh it out giving it some meat on the bones. From that 15 to 20 page outline (about a 80K page novel), I will start creating, building, buffing up the outline. This part is my favorite because this is where the creativity and storytelling comes into play in the process. My outline definitely keeps me structured when I stray too far into the creative realm.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

First Look: Dismantling Evan - Adult Contemporary Fiction Novel Coming Fall 2014

Hi all, 
NEW PROJECT IN THE WORKS! Just posted my first teaser poster for #DismantlingEvan. I will start  this contemporary fiction stand alone novel after#TranscendingtheLegacy is written and off to my awesome publisher. 

Here is the scoop! 
Totally different genre from the Mature YA + paranormal/sci-fi #PiercingtheFold series, which many of you have fallen in love with (thank you for loving was my baby, my debut series). 

Feeling a little intimidated by this one!
I'm both excited and scared since I am branching out from the genre I have written to one that I have not attempted yet. I know fellow writers who have attempted the same know what I am talking about.

Genre shift with many layers!
This will be my first Adult Contemporary Fiction stand-alone novel and it will have many layers; mystery, drama, heart-pounding suspense, both heart-warming and heart-breaking events, and an unconventional silver lining.

Subject matter that will stir many emotions!
Above all it will address a current issue in our society that will hit close to home for both adult and teen readers. Yes, I would encourage teens to read this one, even though it is an Adult Contemporary Fiction work (with parental approval of course). This topic has been weighing on me for a while (It may be weighing on you right now) and I can honestly say that this one will challenge me as a researcher, writer, and story teller inspired to shed light on a facet of our society through a complex cast of characters. Yes, they are already in my head (occupational hazard). I will not give any hints of the "subject matter/issue" yet.  That will come in time through teasers/excerpts I share in the future as the project progresses.  

Here is a glimpse at the first poster for #DismantlingEvan.  The cover will be revealed in the Fall 2014 (TBD) and the release date will be sometime in Fall 2014 as well. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

HUGE SALE on the Piercing the Fold series Kindle Editions and $65.00 AMAZON GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY!

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to give you the heads up on a HUGE PROMOTIONAL SALE I am holding right now for Kindle users!  Each of the three books in the Piercing the Fold series are on sale for .99cents! I want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to pick up the series before the finale releases in May 2014.  It won't last long, so please take advantage of it and spread the word.
Here is the live link for the series :)

Also, please please please consider leaving a review on and when you finish each book.  All I ask is for an honest review...doesn't need to be long or short, just YOUR opinion!  I read these reviews and it gives me insight as to what you enjoyed or didn't enjoy as a reader.  That is invaluable to me as I work on my craft as an author! Not only that, it helps readers that may be considering my series take a chance on my books.

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Project in the Works! The Scoop, Feeling a Little Intimidated, Genre Shifting, a Societal Topic, Etc.

New Project in the Works: The Scoop 

So, I have a NEW PROJECT IN THE WORKS! Just made my first teaser poster for a new project that I will start after #TranscendingtheLegacy is written and off to the publisher.  (Will share teaser on my Facebook fan page soon )  

Here is the scoop! 
Totally different genre from the Mature YA + paranormal/sci-fi#PiercingtheFold series, which many of you have fallen in love with (thank you for loving was my baby, my debut series). This one will be Adult Contemporary Fiction.

Feeling a little intimidated by this one!
I'm both excited and scared since I am branching out from the genre I have written to one that I have not attempted yet. I know fellow writers who have attempted the same know what I am talking about.

Genre shift with many layers!
This will be my first Adult Contemporary Fiction stand-alone novel and it will have many layers; mystery, drama, heart-pounding suspense, both heart-warming and heart-breaking events, and an unconventional silver lining.

Subject matter that begs to be discussed for the good of our society!
Above all it will address a current issue in our society that will hit close to home for both adult and teen readers. Yes, I would encourage teens to read this one, even though it is an Adult Contemporary Fiction work (with parental approval of course). This topic has been weighing on me for a while (It may be weighing on you right now) and I can honestly say that this one will challenge me as a researcher, writer, and story teller shedding some light on a facet of our society through a complex cast of characters. Yes, they are already in my head (occupational hazard).

Visit my author page on Facebook,  give it a like, spread the word, and when it reaches 3k likes, I will share the teaser to this brewing project.

Much love,

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Book Trailer Release: Ascending the Veil: Book 3 (the Piercing the Fold series)

Hi everyone!

I realized a few weeks ago (help from an uber fan ;) )  that I had not released a book trailer for Ascending the Veil: Book 3. Wanted to share it with you as soon as it was ready!  Hope you enjoy and please feel free to like, comment, and share.