Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Project in the Works! The Scoop, Feeling a Little Intimidated, Genre Shifting, a Societal Topic, Etc.

New Project in the Works: The Scoop 

So, I have a NEW PROJECT IN THE WORKS! Just made my first teaser poster for a new project that I will start after #TranscendingtheLegacy is written and off to the publisher.  (Will share teaser on my Facebook fan page soon )  

Here is the scoop! 
Totally different genre from the Mature YA + paranormal/sci-fi#PiercingtheFold series, which many of you have fallen in love with (thank you for loving was my baby, my debut series). This one will be Adult Contemporary Fiction.

Feeling a little intimidated by this one!
I'm both excited and scared since I am branching out from the genre I have written to one that I have not attempted yet. I know fellow writers who have attempted the same know what I am talking about.

Genre shift with many layers!
This will be my first Adult Contemporary Fiction stand-alone novel and it will have many layers; mystery, drama, heart-pounding suspense, both heart-warming and heart-breaking events, and an unconventional silver lining.

Subject matter that begs to be discussed for the good of our society!
Above all it will address a current issue in our society that will hit close to home for both adult and teen readers. Yes, I would encourage teens to read this one, even though it is an Adult Contemporary Fiction work (with parental approval of course). This topic has been weighing on me for a while (It may be weighing on you right now) and I can honestly say that this one will challenge me as a researcher, writer, and story teller shedding some light on a facet of our society through a complex cast of characters. Yes, they are already in my head (occupational hazard).

Visit my author page on Facebook,  give it a like, spread the word, and when it reaches 3k likes, I will share the teaser to this brewing project.

Much love,

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