Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Young Adult Contemporary Fiction Novel in the Works: Dismantling Evan

 This past week has been full of research, research, research.  I really love this part of the writing process.  I get to dive into topics that I would other wise overlook. And, this is a topic that time and time again is over looked, brushed under the perverbial rug, for multiple reasons that many don't understand until they have lived or experienced  people afflicted with mental illness first hand.

 I wanted to start writing about this story immediately when it came to me in early 2013, but with Ascending the Veil: Book 3 releasing and Transcending the Legacy: Book 4 needing to be written, I had to be patient and continue to let Evan's story "percolate".
There is a great amount of patience needed as a writer when it comes to a story, plot, and muses speaking to you.

The core topic is mental illness and the "dismantling" and crippling effects it has on teens and those around them.  As I researched, it became about so much more.  Self discovery,  coming of age, peer pressure, young love,  and the triggers of societal collapse even if it is in the smallest realm of our world; a school, a neighborhood, a campus, a home, a family.
Yes,  it is a heavy topic. Yes,  I am terrified of the dark places this content will take me. But I'm equally motivated by the brightly lit places it will take me and the places I hope it will take you when I release this stand alone novel in late 2014.

So, the research. .  .
Much of the research is facts, symptoms, case studies, psychological terms and explanations.  However, I wanted to have more hands on research; real opinions on the topic.  So, I have created a questionnaire to correlate with the many ideas/scenarios addressed in Dismantling Evan in order to get raw interpretations of  mental disorders/illnesses and how they have infected the lives of people directly involved and those that are outside observers. If you have been touched by mental illness within your own family or not, yet you feel drawn to  this topic, I would love to have you submit your answers to this questionnaire.  It is anonymous with only a timestamp for your submission.
Here is the questionnaire if you feel called to respond:

Thank you for all of you that have submitted the questionnaire with your responses thus far.  It has given me insight and emotion and instances that are real and raw. The value of your responses means so much to this project and to this topic.

Off to the writing cave.

I will be posting a blurb for Dismantling Evan soon.



  1. Thank you for writing about mental illness! This is a topic that is so important. I have a friend who has borderline personality disorder and has been through so much.

  2. AdrienneC1, I really want to do this topic and the characters justice in this novel. If you feel comfortable taking the questionnaire, I would appreciate any and all anonymous input you may have. Thank you for your comment.