Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Teaser: New Teaser Poster for Next Novel, Dismantling Evan (Young Adult Contemporary Fiction)

Good Morning!

My writing schedule is coming along amazingly for my next novel, Dismantling Evan. (Young Adult Contemporary Fiction)
The direction this novel is flowing is taking me through much needed research to get things just right for the characters and in turn YOU, the reader. It is also taking me through many emotions having been a high schooler a looooooong time ago, a friend, an onlooker, a teacher, and now a mother of children that will experience (directly, or indirectly) ramifications of the sensitive topic I am addressing.
---THE TEASE---  I am not releasing the blurb for it yet, but I can tell you that this novel will be focusing on a sensitive topic among teens that impacts family, friends, loved ones, and those caught in the cross-fire. Actually, multiple variables surrounding this topic will be addressed in D.E. because all of those "variables" mold the  enormous ripple effect this topic has on our  society as a whole. One of the variables is mental illness in teens and the stigma it carries in society. THAT is just one of the variables, but it is a BIG one.
The tragic things is  every time this "sensitive topic" occurs, we are blind to it and are scrambling to understand why this happened. Members of families  and  closest friends are blind to the build up of variables until it has already "dismantled" everyone in its path.

   Okay, I have teased enough I think. But one more thing!
 ---One important tidbit as you follow the progress of D.E.----
Many of you may think this book's main character is male based on  novel's title. The main character is female.  This novel's main character is Evangeline "Evan, a teenager  in a new town and new high school.

I leave you with one of multiple Dismantling Evan posters I have created.  Each one symbolizes themes in the novel.  Once D.E. has released and you have read it in January, you will better understand the reason for my image choices.

Here is the first.

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