Thursday, September 18, 2014

Latest Project: Dismantling Evan Book Trailer Reveal & Insight on the Novel.

Good Morning!

I have something to share with readers today. Something I'm really excited about.

For those that have been following the progress of my latest project, Dismantling Evan, you know that I have not released any real teasers for you as of yet.

The one and only reason is I am still writing D.E. and with this project in particular, I want to complete the manuscript before I begin sharing excerpts.
With that beings said, I am not done with the manuscript but after a long writing marathon this past week, I did have the itch to create a teaser/video trailer for D.E.

This video will definitely give you some clues in regards to the direction Dismantling Evan will be taking as a contemporary fiction novel  revolving around teens with mental disorders and illness in our society with all of the other "life" and "coming of age" aspects that teens in general face in their lives.
Obviously, the focus of this story is Evan (Evangeline Phillips), but no this.....Evangeline is only a part of the grander storyline with other characters' facing challenges  greater than her own.

I have placed a brief synopsis of Dismantling Evan in the book trailer, however, I want to also place it here since it is the root of this story.

~ Dismantling Evan is a coming of age novel that fleshes out  Evan's (Evangeline Philips)  unsteady and shifting teen life while pushing through a  societal epidemic that is  utterly  "dismantling" leaving hearts of   families and entire communities broken and questioning "Why did this happen?" ~ 

Some evidence and thoughts as to why this story (Dismantling Evan) needs to be  written: 

*Just over 20 percent (or 1 in 5) children, either currently or at some point during their life, have had a seriously debilitating mental disorder. ( National Institute of Mental Health -

* "Estimates suggest that between 60 and 90 percent of adolescents with mental 
health disorders fail to receive treatment." (Knopf, D. K., Park, J., & Mulye, T. P. (2008). The mental health of adolescents: A national profile, 2008. Retrieved November 9, 2012, from

*People now know that mental illness has neurologic causes and is therefore amenable to treatment. But this knowledge has not resulted in greater tolerance toward the mentally ill. 

Mental Illness Stigma Persists Among Americans

Fran Lowry
September 22, 2010
My thoughts: Even though we are a very knowledge driven society, the lack of knowledge of adolescents with mental disorders and illness is waning when it comes to identifying, accepting  and having tolerance by the adolescents' peers. Event hough we have made leaps in the area  of  preventing bullying and resources for youth with mental illness; there are still so many gaps.  One of the many solutions that I have researched and summed up as the one that we are  lacking in  as a society is  so basic, so primal...Well, once was primal but now seems to be rapidly deteriorating.  What is my opinion on the basic solution? This is where I have to stop because it is the root of Dismantling Evan and I am still writing the manuscript. However, I look forward to revealing it when D.E releases on January 13, 2014.  
If you get a chance, Please add Dismantling Evan to your Goodreads (Want to Read) list.  D.E is not currently set for pre-order on Amazon, but accessing updates both here and on my website is always available to you prior to release.   GOODREADS LINK FOR DISMANTLING EVAN:
OKAY, I HAVE MADE YOU WAIT LONG ENOUGH.  Here is the Dismantling Evan Book Trailer. 
Have a great day! I'm off to write a novel :) 

~Venessa Kimball  

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