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Music in the Muse: Why Authors Create Playlists for their Novels

The Muse in the Music: 
Why Authors Create Playlists for their Novels
~Venessa Kimball~ 
~Guest Post~ 

First and foremost, I want to thank Paisley Reader for allowing me to be a guest on their blog.  The topic I want to blog about today is music playlists.
When I started writing Piercing the Fold: Book 1 in 2010, I found myself choosing songs from the radio that made me think of particular scenes I was in the process of writing, the characters I was writing about, and the mood the storyline was taking at that moment in time when I was writing a particular scene.  The pull of these songs was so strong, I drew emotion from them and expressed it through the characters.  Musical inspiration?  YES, it was and it still is for me.

Fast forward to today 2014, I have steadily built a playlist for each of the novels I have written.  I even have playlists started for my new novel releasing in January 2015, Dismantling Evan. most authors, I am thinking of about projects that I haven't even announced to my fans let alone my publisher and I am already creating playlists for them. Why?  Because the stories are there brewing in my little author head eager to be released but needing to complete current projects :)

So, why create a playlist? Just to say "Hey I have a playlist for each of my novels?"  NO, not it.
The reason I create them is because while I write, I listen to them.  While I'm not writing and I am running errands, exercising, or driving one, two, or three of my children to after school sports and activities, I listen to the playlist. While I am editing, re-editing, and re-editing before sending it off to the "official editor" I listen to playlist.  Even after I have finished editing, finished publishing, I listen to the playlists.

Why do I listen to them after the book is done and the inspiration has manifested in the published novel?
Listening to each of the playlists for my novels is like a auditory yearbook, each song bringing back the moments of raw emotions I felt while writing scenes.  It's like I get to relive the book again and again, revisit the characters and the reality I created for them.

Why share it with the readers/fans?
Why not. Many readers/fans want to here the techniques an author takes in order to flesh out characters, story lines, plots, and plot twists.  And, many readers/fans enjoy listening to to the songs that coinside with the mood of the novel when they read it.  Even listening to the playlist after reading the novel, many of my fans have said that listening to the playlist brings back the feeling they had while reading. So, they also experience and appreciate the feeling of revisiting the novel and characters.

Where do I keep my playlists for reader/fan access?
I use both Spotify and Soundcloud.
I like Spotify because I can access the playlists to my pc and my device to play anytime, even when I don't have internet access.  Soundcloud is another server that usually has remixes of my playlist songs along with the original songs...I like to use this because I can embed my playlist for a specific book or set of books on my blog for anyone to access and listen to immediately. Like this!!!

So, how to get to my Spotify and Soundcloud profile?  Here are the links for you all to access the ones I have made public.  I have a handful of playlists for projects that are in development through 2017 that are still private, but I will release them as they become public knowledge.



I hope this gives you a little peek inside my author head and some insight as to why some authors use music as their springboard for character and story line inspiration as they write.

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