Friday, January 23, 2015

LIFE After Dismantling Evan- What's Next for Evan? Young Adult to New Adult Cross Over

"What happens now?"
"Does Evan and Brody stay together?"
"What happens to Gavin after the "dismantlement"?"

These are just a few of the questions readers are asking about my latest release, Dismantling Evan.  I myself have pondered these questions and more, since these characters have made an impact and impression on my life and in turn are making an impression on readers' lives.

"Series? "
Well, kind of. ( I know....VAGUE!)
Let me clarify.
Fictional series typically share a common settingstory arc, set of characters or timeline.
"OR" is the key word between all of these commonalities for the direction of The Evan Series. The story arc from Dismantling Evan will be different from Inventing Evan's story arc (the next companion style book in the series).  
In DE,  the dismantlement happened both physically and psychologically with the characters. Now, it is time for the next chapter, the next phase of life after the dismantlement.  The next story arc in Evan's, Gavin's, Brody's, Lia's, Nikki's, and Asher's lives.  Inventing themselves.

No one can truly understand what happens to the people after a traumatic "dismantlement" occurs except those directly involved.  No one has really attempted to tell that story;   How does life go on after such events? What becomes of the characters? Do they fall in love? Do they succeed in life? Or do they fail? What turmoil or happiness do they have coming their way now? What does the aftermath look like?   THESE are the questions I kept asking myself as that voice deep inside of me kept saying, "Evan's story, the band of friends' stories, they aren't  over Venessa.  There is so much more that can be given to readers about these characters and the lives they will lead as new adults and into early adulthood."
THUS  THE EVAN SERIES WAS  BORN... but not the typical common setting, story arc, characters and timeline type of series.

There will be three novels in The Evan Series (Dismantling Evan, Inventing Evan, and Capturing Evan). They will not be dependent on each other through a story arc or ultimate climax and resolution tying the three together. Each will have there own story arc. The commonality lies in the characters which we are following through this series, with Evan being the main throughout the entirety. Capturing Evan will have its own story arc as well. What will be captured....I won't tell yet ;) (sorry, you know I like to tease)

What else is different about this series?  It is crossing over from a young adult/ teen series to a new adult series.

Inventing Evan  and Capturing Evan  will be categorized as NEW ADULT.  Why the categorical genre change?
In DE, Evan and her friends were experiencing the young adult coming of age phase in their lives with some pretty heavy issues. In Inventing Evan, Evan and her friends are  growing up,  graduating high school (minus Gavin and Lia),  will be claiming their independence, be branching out, going to college, finding their place in this world. That is undeniably the true meaning of being a NEW ADULT.  They are taking on more ADULT responsibilities, decisions, freedoms, and struggles that are all new.  There will be many firsts for some of the characters in Inventing Evan. And, YES, THERE WILL BE STRUGGLES AND JOYS  in Inventing Evan just like those found in DE...but different.

NOTE: I will be writing Inventing Evan under my name with a  pen name added to it.
To protect my YA/Teen readers.
Inventing Evan will be for a mature audience.  (18 and up) There will be sexual content that might not be appropriate for teen readers (without parental permission). That is what comes with this progression for Evan and her friends though.  They are growing up, finding their way, falling in love, and sexuality will come into play eventually.  I"M NOT SAYING IT WILL BE ALL OUT EROTICA!  It will not be at all. It will have more romantic elements than Dismantling Evan.

Back to the pen name.
I wanted  my title to make the distinction that Evan's series will be geared toward a New Adult and Adult audience beyond Dismantling Evan. A title that will help my YA/Teen fans distinguish between my books that are appropriate for teens and those meant for a more mature audience.

 What will my official title be for NA and Adult?  

IMPORTANT: I am in no way trying to exclude the teen readers from reading Inventing Evan, however, I want them to be aware that it is a different realm in regards to genre, branching from Young Adult to New Adult. As a parent,  I respect authors that have done this for my kiddos' protection and I want to do the same for other parents and their children.  
And, I would encourage parents to read it first if you have kiddos that are determined to continue following Evan's storyline.

I can honestly say that this group of characters has effected me deeply and the life growing events that they have coming are going to be as realistic, gritty, and raw  as the dismantling that took place in Dismantling Evan.
I can't wait to share the Evan's continued journey with you.

Much Love,

Haven't read Dismantling Evan yet?  CLICK HERE 

P.S  *Special thanks to Penelope Anne Bartotto for helping me define this atypical series.*

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