Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Teaser: Saving Gavin (Companion Novelette for the Evan Series) Part 1. Release June 9, 2015

Good Morning!
I have a brand new teaser for you from the soon to be released "Saving Gavin" a companion novelette to the Evan series.  It will be the first part in a two-part novelette series following Gavin Ferguson's point of view following the "dismantlement" from the first full-length novel in the series, "Dismantling Evan"

Without further wait, here is the excerpt teaser from "Saving Gavin"

December 2013

Don’t know where I am. They won’t tell me when I ask. I take a pen from the counter while the nurse prints documents. My wrists hurt, but I don’t know why. Did they hurt me here? Where is mom, Brody?
I feel cool air on my knee suddenly and I look down at the hole in my pant leg. My knee is bloody.
Think back. What happened?
All of my thoughts are rushing, only slowing for a few pictures in my head.
Evan’s work shed.
The origami crane in my hand covered in moonlight.
Walking through the woods behind my house.
The light of the morning slowly getting brighter as I walked onto campus.
Sitting behind the curtains of the auditorium stage.
Silence of an empty room.
I remember closing my eyes and just listening to the nothingness.
Metal doors to the auditorium clanking as they are opened.
The sound of walking feet and voices filling the room behind the curtain. Adults, students. My hands clutching the black metal gun to keep from shaking.

“Follow me.” A disconnected voice tries to interrupt my memories.
Laughing, cheering, yelling getting louder and louder, I stand and push the curtain away.
That is it. My mind is stuck, like the rest of my memory was wiped away.
“Did I hurt anyone?” The words are mine, but they don’t feel like they come from my lips. The nurse, standing in front of me, clutches her clipboard. “Follow me Gavin,” she says, stoically. 

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