Friday, November 13, 2015

New Release Reviving Evan from Venessa Kimball - Available on Amazon Now!

It's release day for Reviving Evan, the newest addition to the Evan series and a continuation of Evan's journey as well as the journey she is taking with Brody, Gavin, Nikki, Lia, and Asher!
Here is the LIVE LINK!      One-click purchase now!

In celebration, I have a cool weekend special going on! A sale! Kindle edition of Dismantling Evan will be on sale for 99 pennies this weekend for the release!  This is a rare pricing for this book, so take advantage of the special! Here is the link for DE:

In addition, there is a release party right now (November 13th) on Facebook! Join the event and come celebrate Reviving Evan's release with prizes, author takeovers and more!

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