Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Happy Release Day Saving Gavin!!!

Good Morning and Happy Release Day!!! 
Saving Gavin is live!  It is a companion to the first book in the Evan Series, Dismantling Evan.  It is also part 1 of a two-part novelette companion that will not only give you Gavin's point of view after the "dismantlement) but will also  bridge the gap in time between  Dismantling Evan and Inventing Evan (the next full length novel in the Evan series).  
Right now and for a limited time only, Dismantling Evan is on sale in celebration of the release of Saving Gavin! 
One-Click both of them now! Sale only for limited time.

~Dismantling Evan~
Life is unstable. What will be the trigger to dismantle it?
US link:http://goo.gl/36BjiD
UK link: http://goo.gl/YXl5MY

~Saving Gavin~
A trigger pulled. A tragedy realized. A boy displaced. Can Gavin be saved or will he be forever lost?
Saving Gavin- an Evan series novelette
Amazon Link: hyperurl.co/cbr1ui