Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pre-order Live: Cross the Stars (Crossing Stars Duet) and Cover Reveal Next Week!

PRE-ORDER IS LIVE for Cross the Stars,  my upcoming new adult contemporary romance!  Did I mention that pre-order is only .99¢?  It is, but only for a limited time. Promotion will only last a couple of days into release, so reserve your copy now! 

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Can't wait to start reading? Want to start reading now! 

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And, cover reveal blitz is next week!!!!!! 

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Information on Cross the Stars (Crossing Stars Duet #1) 
What would you risk for love? Would you cross the stars? Steal the moon? 

She is American. A commoner, an outsider. Min barra. He is Jordanian royalty. A prince, already promised to another. And their worlds are about to collide. 

A year shy of graduating from Georgetown University, Ella Wallace feels like she is losing direction. Having carved her own path through life, rejecting her family’s elitist influences, the last thing she wants is to waste time and prove her parents right. A happenstance summer-long program abroad offers the perfect opportunity to immerse herself in volunteer work, finding richness in family and purpose she has never experienced before. 
Prince Rajaa bin Ammaar is returning home to Jordan from Georgetown University. His intent is to spearhead a refugee program meant to bring peace to his country. Amidst threats of civil war and revolt, Raj stands for his convictions, even when they challenge his family and the very culture he is preordained to uphold. 
 A chance encounter at a crowded party in D.C. brought Ella and Raj together for one fleeting moment – two people never thought to meet again. But it’s not until their diverse worlds collide in Jordan that they realize the power of their connection. With the refugee program as their reuniting bond, they must cross the stars and defy their clashing cultures to protect their forbidden love. 
With the culturally rich Jordanian backdrop, Cross the Stars will take you on a journey into the  geographical and cultural Middle East, the resilience of humankind amidst turbulent civil unrest, the parallel unrest of two lovers’ clashing fates, and the diversity they must challenge with every breath to keep their love alive. 

This book is rated 18+ for explicit sexual situations and language. 
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance 
Title: Cross the Stars (Crossing Stars Duet #1) 
Venessa Kimball writing as V. Angelika 
(18+ due to adult  situations)
Cover Reveal: Feb. 16, 2016
Release March 8, 2016

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