Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Completion of the Evan Series

Over last week, I have made a very thought-filled and heartfelt decision about the continuation of the Evan series (Dismantling Evan).

Dismantling Evan had always been projected as a standalone in my eyes.   Some may ask, "What? With the "dismantling" ending of DE? Really?"

My answer to them is yes. Sometimes the end of a story, a snapshot of a cultural glitch, a societal dysfunction is abrupt and shocking.  After writing Dismantling Evan,  I felt it was necessary to give readers a glimpse into the mind of Gavin-  a victim who in turn became a suspect.  In fairness to the other characters, I felt it necessary to give readers a glimpse into life after the "dismantlement".

Still, there was more that could be told as life carries on, but  I realized that I was moving away from the main reason for writing Dismantling Evan in the first place.  And, as I moved away from the initial storyline, I felt like I was pulling away from the significance of Dismantling Evan.  Something I never wanted to do.

A snapshot in the lives of modern American teens dealing with very real social and psychological dysfunction.  That was always my intent and I know I have achieved that with Dismantling Evan, Saving Gavin, Resurrecting Gavin, and Reviving Evan.

For those Evan fans that had hoped for a continuation of the series, I did attempt with projecting two additional full-length novels; Inventing Evan and Capturing Evan. But, like I have said, the story line was being pulled into a direction that I never intended.   Call me crazy, but I felt the characters pushing against it as well.

I can say this, I won't say never. Evan, Gavin, Brody, Nikki, Asher, and Lia may speak up again in the future. :)

 For now, the Evan series is complete.

Dismantling Evan: Book 1:
 Saving Gavin Book 1.2 :
 Resurrecting Gavin Book 1.4:
 Reviving Evan- an Evan series novella (Book 1.5)


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