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Up Coming Releases May 10, 2016: Birth of the The Copula Chronicles series,Retirement of the Piercing the Fold series.

As of a few days ago, my Young Adult Urban Fantasy Sci-Fi fused  Piercing the Fold series (Piercing the Fold: Book 1, Surfacing the Rim: Book 2, Ascending the Veil: Book 3, and Transcending the Legacy Book 4) has been retired and  taken out of distribution. My publisher and I are retiring the series known as the Piercing the Fold series and giving it a huge facelift, actually a new brand, new face,  and new personality.   
But Why? (For die hard PtF fans, this is your question, right?  I feel that I owe you an answer!)
It's a long story, but the jest of it is that my publisher and I both feel it has been marketed as a Young Adult series when the content has clearly justified and even begged for a New Adult/ Adult audience. Quantum physics, cosmos, genetic engineering, conspiracy theories, supernatural mysticism, the potential for a tumultuous drama of two men vying for one woman's love, parallel universes, ancient aliens, the possibility of an invasion,  a mysticism that follows a family giving rise to a legacy,  the list can go on. The audience of readers that have picked it up and loved it has ranged from their 20s to well into their 60s. Not many Young Adults have been drawn to it with much of the content going over their heads at times.  All proof that it is necessary  to re-established a rebooted version as a New Adult/ Adult urban fantasy, sci-fi series. A new birth if you will.   
 How can a new birth of a retired series be achieved? Re-writing, re-branding, re-marketing to new audience, re-covering, re-titling, and developing a new and enriched version of the storyline. and re-writing.  CHBB, my publisher,  has given full advisement on how the process will take place, making the transition from the retirement of the Piercing the Fold series, to the birth of the Copula Chronicles series mostly seamless.   
New Content? Re-writes?   The re-writes will not change the over all storyline.  It will change the dynamics of the characters as well as richen the depth of the content to suit a New Adult/ Adult audience.  Certain scenes that had been played down for a Young Adult audience will be revisited and re-written to fit a New Adult audiences interest. Due to the explicit language and content that will surface in the series in its transition, it will be advised for readers 18+.  
What about  PtF series paperbacks? Well, if you have one, know that you possess the first edition of this series...that alone is AWESOME because those will no longer be distributed. Who knows, maybe someday it will sell for thousands? ;) smile emoticon

I am working fastidiously on getting all of the ducks in a row before I head back into the writing cave for Book 2 in the Crossing Stars series (Steal the Moon).  My publisher and I are  on top of this with our joint forces on  re-titling, re-covering, re-blurbing, re-writing, and re-editing for the next few weeks. The covers are going to be EPIC for the new market and new content and I am a busy writer lady taking complete care of the new versions of the urban fantasy, sci-fi saga.  Blitzes are being put into place for the launch as well! 
)wink emot )
Will you need to re-read the books if you have already read the entire PtF series? IF YOU ARE A NEW ADULT OR ADULT GENRE READER, YOU WILL WANT TO! If you have not read the Piercing the Fold series (maybe missed it since it was marketed as a Young Adult series), then you are coming in at the right time of this birth! lol 
Okay, so now to the nitty gritty! What will the series title and individual  book titles be? Better yet, when can you get your hands on them, right?  
*Drum Roll*

Both CHBB and I are proud to announce: 
(New Adult, Adult Sci-Fi Urban Fantasy series)
Origin (Book 1) - Cover Reveal April 5, 2016 - Release May 10, 2016
Descend (Book2) - Cover Reveal April 5, 2016 - Release May 10, 2016
Ascend (Book3) - Cover Reveal April 5, 2016 - Release May 10, 2016
Legacy (Book4) - Cover Reveal April 5, 2016 - Release May 10, 2016

My name is Jesca Sera, my reality has been pierced and it is with absolute certainty that nothing will ever be the same in our world again. “ 

The Copula Chronicles series:
New Adult Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi series
(18+ due to some explicit language and content) 
#CHBB Publishing  #Kindleunlimited
Venessa Kimball writing as V. Angelika 

Entire Series Cover Reveals: April 5, 2016 
Entire Series Releases: May 10, 2016 
Make sure to check out the blurbs for Origin, Descend, Ascend, and Legacy on Goodreads by following the links below! Add them to your TBR too! 
The Copula Chronicles on Goodreads: 

The release will be just in time for paperbacks to be purchased for my signing table at Utopia Con 2016! So, if you plan on attending, you will get one of the first signed copies in Tennessee! 

NEEDLESS TO SAY, April 5 and May 10 are going to be crazy busy days for me with 4 cover reveal blitzes and 4 release blitzes! lol    
 But, I know this series is in capable hands with CHBB Publishing and the additional  "people in my village" helping to raise the Copula Chronicles up to be noticed. (In this business, a village is always behind an author and his or her books. I will never ever forget any of them.)  <3 
Know that my  publisher, CHBB Publishing,  and I have put heavy thought into this decision and we are both excited to move forward with the fresh new look, genre/market, and versions for the Copula Chronicles.  I hope that you are looking forward to what is to come with the launch as well! 
Much love, ~ V

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