Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pre-Release BLITZ and Giveaway! Copula Chronicles 4 Book Series Release!

It's almost here! 
1 Series! 4 Books! 1 Release Day!     


Titles:  Copula Chronicles, 4 book series
Origin, Descend, Ascend, and Legacy 

Author: Venessa Kimball writing as V. Angelika 

Genre: New Adult/ Adult Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi 

Copula Chronicles Collection Blurb: 

Origin,  is a roller coaster ride straight into an unreality intent on spinning you around in the alternate history of the origin the new world Jesca has been thrust into.  Make no mistake, your reality will be turned upside down with the techno-thriller plausibilities of what our world and its inhabitants could possess within. When all is said and done, you will find yourself planted  in a new reality of weighty urban fantasy with profound thought-provoking conspiracies of the spiritual and scientific link to our existence and what our world may become now that Jesca’s new reality has been set into motion. 
Descend, pulls you deeper into the inherited reality Jesca and her new found clan of guardians are forced to surrender to in order to save the earth and humankind. The reality of genetic manipulation, ancient myths and theories, and the immediate threat of extra-terrestrial abduction and invasion are revealed in  this second installment. Edge of your seat techno-thrilling conspiracies paired with dramatic mystery,  suspense, and sacrifices are fulfilled in this spiraling global cataclysm Jesca and the guardians are faced with at every turn.  
Ascend, takes you beyond the veil of our world and into one beholding the supernatural, spiritual, psychological and techno-thrilling futurism in terrifyingly perfect harmony.
Legacy, is the final installment in this edge-of-your-seat urban fantasy, science fiction fused series and Kimball holds nothing back in her arsenal of spine-tingling, mind-boggling, thought-provoking,mystery-seeking, and heart-pounding content to bring the Copula Chronicles to full circle.

* This series is rated 18+ for some explicit sexual situations and language. * 

Pre-Release Giveaway lovies! 

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